How to make money transfer to e-wallet?

Recently I decided to sell a game console and put it on one of the popular message boards on the Internet.

A few days later I was contacted by a person who would like to receive her, but he lived in the next the city. In order not to have a personal meeting, we decided to send a set-top box with a package, and pay with electronic money.

How to make an electronic money transfer? This question was asked to me by the buyer, as he had never done this before.

In fact, making such a deal is easy and you can not even use a bank card. Through any multicast and with the help of payment systems, you can conduct such a transaction.

How to make money transfer to e-wallet?

Money transfer to the e-wallet

The QIWI payment system was used to receive the transfer. It is easy to register, specify a phone number, make up a password and the account for receiving money is ready.

After spending a few minutes, you can simply enter a phone number (it also becomes the wallet number) to transfer money there.

The person who bought the set-top box wanted to transfer money from a Sberbank card, but this option did not suit me. Therefore, I offered him to throw the amount on Qiwi wallet.

If you need to perform such an operation, then it is performed in 7 simple actions via the terminal:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the password and go to the payments section :
  2. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  3. There is no suitable option on the first page, so click "Next":
  4. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  5. We find the section with electronic money and go to it:
  6. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  7. From the available payment systems, select QIWI:
  8. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  9. Next, enter the phone number of the person who needs send money (even if it is not registered in Kiwi yet, it will receive an SMS with an offer m open the wallet to get money):
  10. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  11. After clicking "Next", enter the amount of transfer:
  12. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?
  13. Check, If the phone number is correct and we confirm the payment:
  14. How to make money transfer to e-wallet?

Everything is very simple, money comes in a few minutes, the payer has a receipt, and the recipient can check the balance online. We have already told how to withdraw money from the Qiwi wallet, to do it simply, without verification and bindings.

Electronic money transfer from card to card

While reading this article, many experienced users are wondering why not immediately send money to the card. This option can also be used. You can even use e-money transfer by mail , but personally it was convenient for me to get them into a virtual account.

If you need to transfer electronic money to a card, use the Yandex service.

You can even download mobile apps to easily transfer funds from one card to another. This is done simply, you will need to fill in a simple form and confirm the transfer:

How to make money transfer to e-wallet?

Such companies as Yandex can be trusted, and users can transfer funds not only to the cards, but also using money transfer systems .

This method also has disadvantages, firstly, a commission is charged, and secondly, the amount can be transferred only if both cards are issued in Russia.

Use monitoring to easily find a website through which you can transfer money, for example, from Sberbank to Privat 24:

How to make money transfer to e-wallet?

Transfer money online to e-wallets You can also spend through exchangers found on this site. The most important thing is that it shows on the top lines the most favorable course. All exchangers checked, you will be shown reviews.

The exchange and transfer of electronic money is extremely simple, and it can be done using payment systems or directly between cards. Choose the appropriate option, this article presents only proven resources that have completed more than one thousand transactions.

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