How to make money selling photos, a list of photobanks

Having the desire to make money on the Internet, it is not necessary to look for options that will constantly take away a lot of your time. The hobby of many people are photos, and some amateurs even achieve a high level of professionalism by doing self-learning.

You can learn how to take beautiful photos and process them in a graphical editor thanks to the Internet, where you can find lots of video lessons and other educational materials. How to make money selling photos?

Especially for the realization of photos, there are photobanks (photo stocks). There are quite a few such projects and you can easily register for them. The price of a photo depends on a variety of parameters , but even $ 5 from one sale is an excellent income. If the photo is in demand and quality, you can sell it several times.

Naturally, the more photos you add, the more you will earn.

How to make money selling photos, a list of photobanks

Why would anyone buy an already sold picture?

The fact is that according to the law, you must have copyrights to use photos rights, and when selling images on photo banks, you transfer the copyright.

In this way, many companies save their time and costs of finding quality photos and respect copyrights.

How to make money selling photos, a list of photobanks

What you need to make money in the photos?

  • high-quality camera;
  • accounts in several photobanks ;
  • Internet access;
  • graphic editors.

As you can see, it takes very little to start earning money, especially if you already have a good camera in your arsenal. In most cases, to become a member of the site where you can sell photos, you will need to pass an exam, but this need does not apply to all sites.

Now let's look at several resources that will help you start making money on your photos:

is a popular foreign resource, thanks to which you can sell not only photos, but also video or audio files. The entrance exam will require you to submit 3 photos, you can retake the exam an unlimited number of times. Let's say right away, using this resource, you will need to really try on your photos, because the requirements are very high.

- this project is available in 20 languages, among which there is Russian. For 10 years, this resource continues to evolve and according to statistics, over 25 million different files are already in its database.

It will be even more difficult for photographers to pass examinations, you must provide 10 photos, 7 of which must be approved. If the first time you do not pass the exam, you will only have to try again in a month.

How to make money selling photos, a list of photobanks

is again a foreign resource, but this time one in which the exam is not provided. By selling photos on this site, you will not receive notifications, so you can simply forget that you once added photos, and when you return, you will find that you already have money in your account.

- there is also no exam on this resource, so it will be much easier to start using it. The requirements for photos are somewhat lower than those of other similar resources, so many beginners choose it. In addition to photos, you can sell videos, logos and vector drawings.

- the last resource I would like to tell about. On this project, registration for buyers and suppliers is separate. Registering as a supplier of photos, you will need to pass a small exam and provide 5 pictures. The quality criteria are quite high, so not everyone is able to cooperate with this site.

Most likely, there are a lot of photos on your computer right now, add them to photobanks and make a profit . Who knows, maybe your pictures will really attract the attention of buyers, and soon you will see yourself in a popular magazine or website.

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