How to make money selling links in Hulinks?

It is possible to monetize sites in different ways, and experienced webmasters advise you to install ads or collaborate with affiliate programs.

When you urgently need money and do not want to engage in advertising or sales of partner products, you can start selling links, reference exchanges for this abound.

Earn from selling links with Hulinks. ru is another opportunity to profit from your resource. There are not so many sites on this project, therefore, webmasters often receive offers, and some even have to choose whose links to post. Starting to use the service is not difficult, as long as you have a high-quality playground.

How to make money selling links in Hulinks?

Selling links to Hulinks

Registration of a resource in this system is done in 3 simple steps. When you create a profile in the system, go to the tab for webmasters and proceed to adding a new site:

  1. First you need to confirm the rights to manage the site, for this you download a special file and upload it to the hosting:
  2. How to make money selling links in Hulinks?

  3. In the second step, you need to specify the cost for placing the article with links. By default, the line with the price will be filled with the average cost, and you can change it in the range from 51 to 149%:
  4. How to make money selling links in Hulinks?

  5. The final step of adding a resource is specifying the subject matter:
  6. How to make money selling links in Hulinks?

After completing these steps, you will need to wait up to 7 days until the moderators check and approve the addition of the site.

Why can the site not accept? On the Hulinks Exchange, there are certain requirements for the sites that your resource must meet:

  • at least 10 TIC;
  • in the Yandex index over 100 pages;
  • older sites 6 months;
  • attendance of at least 50 hosts per day.

If they accept your site, then you need to enter your profile at least once a week. The fact is that the submitted applications are active only 7 days, during this time it is necessary to fulfill orders.

When completing applications of optimizers, it is necessary to place unique articles of at least 2000 characters . At the same time in one article can be added up to 3 links.

All articles placed on orders must be indexed in no more than 10 updates. This time is enough, but there is one minute. You can order a payment from the site only 3 months after the first link is posted.

If you are not registered on Hulinks, then it’s time to do it. Even if you will not sell links from your site, it is quite possible that you will find quality donors for the purchase of reference mass.

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