How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Remote work is becoming more and more popular, and it is increasingly being viewed as the main source of profit. The advantages are obvious, you sit at home, the schedule is free, the income is not limited.

Just don’t confuse it with a freebie, they don’t give anyone money on the net, they also have to work hard for them and sometimes it takes serious effort.

Earnings on the Internet without investments - TOP 13 honest real ways we collected for those who have not yet decided or simply do not know what to do better. There are options for beginners and schoolchildren.

There are also methods that allow you to apply already gained experience and knowledge. The harder the job you select, the more money it will bring.

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

What do you need to start making money on the Internet without investments?

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do , the first thing you need to register a separate mailbox and create e-wallets.

It is extremely difficult to find money on the Internet without investing in a card, almost all calculations in the network are conducted through EPS, such as Webmoney, Yandex. Money, Payeer.

It is advisable to create accounts in all bills, this will remove restrictions. By the time you spend only a few minutes, verification is not required everywhere. Next you need to decide on a suitable way.

There are now a lot of options for working via the Internet, easy ways to make money on the Internet from 100 rubles a day without much effort.

Immediately you don’t have to undertake something serious, try your hand at simple methods and make sure that this type of activity suits you in general.

Internet earnings without investments with withdrawal of money for a beginner

Beginning moneymakers are lost, different remote work is advertised around and promise a huge income. Having tried several options it becomes clear that this is another scam.

Without experience, it is difficult to make the right choice. For those who have just started searching for ways we recommend the most simple methods:

  1. Clicks and surfing.

The easiest place to start is with email sponsors, where they even pay for navigating sites. But this job brings a penny, compared with the tasks. Real people are asked to register, download something, perform other simple work:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Thousands of small assignments are available at any time of the day. Follow them all day or spend 10 minutes a day, the income will be appropriate. According to reviews, in a few hours the newbie manages to collect about $ 5. These orders are placed on the following sites:

  • Wmmail - has been working since 2014, here you can sell articles;
  • Seosprint - takes first place among the axle boxes by the number of tasks;
  • - an old mailer with separate sections for different orders;
  • SocPublic-appeared a long time ago, after re-branding it became even more convenient;
  • - besides tasks there are many other ways to make money.

To start these projects it is enough, money from 1 ruble is withdrawn from them and many different methods are available (even payments to the phone). Therefore, you can be sure of the integrity of the resources after half an hour of active work.

  1. Cheating on social networks.

A similar direction, but it is even easier to work in it, because orders are easier. From your account VK, FB, OK and other well-known soc. networks, you can put likes, make reposts, join communities, and real money pays for all of it:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Rewards are about the same, but for a subscription, like, retweet takes less time than registering or watching a video, so in theory it’s more profitable. You just have to use several systems, i.e., orders are quickly dismantled by executors:

  • - payments from 25 rubles can be received directly to the phone;
  • - tasks, paid surveys, installation mobile applications;
  • - the better the accounts are promoted, the more they can be earned;
  • - here orders for social services appear. Vkontakte, Instagram and YouTube networks;
  • - earn money on Vkontakte cheats.

Through these sites for earning money on the Internet without investing on social networks you will always find available orders. Yes, it is necessary to work in parallel on different resources, but there will be several sources of profit.

  1. Reviews and comments.

It is also beneficial to communicate and share your opinion. There are a number of sites where you can post ready-made reviews, about anything, and get paid for their views.

There are also projects through which comments are screwed up. As a rule, they are asked to establish a link to a website:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Writing small texts is not so difficult, and if they are reviews, you will have to make them as much as possible. Share the impression of going to the cinema, a new car, an interesting dish and so on.For those to whom this kind of work is suitable, the following services have been created:

  • - comments system with other simple tasks;
  • - here you can post reviews and receive up to 500 rubles for 1000 views;
  • - a similar system, on average, paying 50 p. with 1000 views;
  • - many tasks on social networks and writing reviews;
  • - posting reviews, pay 100 p. for 1000 views.

Work is not difficult, and if you want to earn passively, start writing reviews. Imagine that you publish 100 texts and each of them will bring in a ruble per day. It turns out that 3000 rubles. a month, and you don’t need to do anything else, people are watching a review, you receive money.

  1. Paid Surveys.

The minimum time is taken by the following method. Large companies are interested in the opinion of consumers, but it is important for them to conduct surveys only with the target audience.

Therefore, special services were created, where during registration they are asked to provide maximum information about themselves (without the full name). Then come the invitation to sociological research.

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

The image above shows an example of a question that may be in a survey. Often they are asked to evaluate advertising, to tell about their opinions about the brand and so on. Pay about 50 rubles for each profile.

To receive invitations, you need to register on these sites:

  • is the most popular resource, you can receive points and buy real goods;
  • - a daily survey is available and there is registration bonus;
  • - pay for surveys and answers to questions;
  • - bonuses are charged for polls and you can buy real goods for them;
  • - maximum payment for one The form on this site is 1000 rubles.

You will spend no more than an hour per month to take surveys, because they are rarely held. Therefore, it makes sense to register immediately on all sites. Notifications come to the mail, it is important to quickly respond to them, because respondents are typed quickly.

Newbies are often lured by scammers, promising the golden mountains for the simplest work.

Nobody pays more money for easy actions, and all the options presented above bring a relatively small profit. But they are easy to use, you can earn the first 100 rubles without investments today.

Simple earnings on the Internet without investments from the phone

Mobile devices are also suitable for performing work, especially since various applications have already been created for them. The most popular of these are installation services.

The developers themselves pay money for the fact that people download their programs and games. This is done to improve the rating and promotion:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Read a detailed article about mobile earnings on the Internet on applications. There is a complete list of programs that are installed on Android and IOS. In addition to installing free games, other work is offered:

  • selling photos;
  • cheating on social networks;
  • entering captcha;
  • viewing ads;
  • selling news;
  • sports betting.

Smartphones and tablets gradually bypass the PC, they are more often used to access the network. Therefore, there are more projects that offer earnings from the phone. Interestingly, most applications have access to mobile balance.

Earnings on the Internet 500 p. per day without investment on articles

Any knowledge and experience can be transferred to the printed form. Authors write texts about everything, and then sell them on special exchanges.

You do not need to invest anything, register and put up ready-made content for sale. You can also take orders through the copywriting exchanges:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

It doesn't matter what you are good at - movies, cars, computer games, cosmetics or fashion.

There are so many sites now created that there will definitely be buyers. The main thing is to write correctly, a lot and do not copy anything (uniqueness is always checked). This type of earnings is available thanks to these resources:

  1. is the largest exchange with high prices and quality requirements for materials. One of the few is a site for earnings without investments with the withdrawal on the card.
  2. - even if there are minor errors in the articles, they will be accepted for sale. In addition, here you can put up for sale your photos.
  3. - the exchange is practically without quality control, the administration relies on customer feedback. Therefore, there is the lowest average prices.
  4. - this service has an online check of uniqueness and spelling. The exchange is not so popular, but there is a separate section for the sale of news.

There are other text exchanges, but it is better to start from one of these sites. Be prepared for the fact that the first sales are sluggish. You need to gain some reputation.

How many articles do I need to write in order to earn 500 rubles? For example, if you write 10,000 characters and set the price at 50 p. / 1000 characters, it will be enough to sell only one material.

Freelance - real earnings on the Internet without investments

Some people are looking for vacancies and serious orders so that they can actually live on money from the Internet. In this case, help the freelance exchange, it is through them looking for performers and full-time employees:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Payment is very different because the work is offered is completely different. In this niche there is a place for a specialist from any area. Right now there are job offers for:

  • video editors;
  • psychologists;
  • accountants;
  • teachers;
  • medical professionals;
  • architects;
  • photographers;
  • motorists.

If there are no professional skills, this is also not a problem. It is enough to choose any general directions of the type - the group administrator in the social. networks, site moderator or online store operator.

Please note that reputation also solves much in this niche; it is hard to convince the employer of accepting one’s candidacy without positive feedback.

Earnings on the Internet without investments and deception on your website

For some reason, beginners are afraid to even try to launch their own resource.

Someone is not confident in their abilities, some do not want to wait for months and engage in the project until it is popular, for some it seems that competitors cannot be bypassed. But this is one of the most promising ways to make money online.

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

This is the income statistics through the advertising line. A good example of the fact that each resource is capable of generating a good income if you attract many visitors to it.

Yes, it will take time to develop the project, but then it will be a small and stable business with an ever-growing income. If you got an idea, read useful articles on the topic:

  • how to make money on the site;
  • how to promote a site in search engines;
  • how to go ahead in Yandex;
  • paid website promotion;
  • purchase of websites with income;
  • free hosting for websites.

The easiest way to start a resource is to use any free designer and start publishing texts.

Write them yourself or buy them on stock exchanges, if the content is high-quality, transitions will start from search engines, and then you will figure out for yourself how to monetize the site.

Internet earnings are real without investments and cheating on affiliate programs

One of the best ways to make money on your own website is to use affiliate programs.

You can pick up services, products, services for your target audience and receive rewards for attracted customers. Conditions are different everywhere, for example, it can be some kind of product:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

It’s not necessary to be the owner of the site, links can be distributed via social. networks, forums, comments and other ways. Income depends only on how many customers you have attracted.

It is important to choose high-quality partner programs with the most favorable conditions. Currently these projects are:

  • - suitable for attracting school and student traffic;
  • - invite investors to the cloud mining system and receive a percentage of the deposit;
  • - binary options broker pays up to 70% of his income;
  • - affiliate program for businessmen, only 400 rubles pay for registration;
  • - investments in Bitcoin, interest on deposits is also charged;
  • is an aggregator of affiliate programs, there are a lot of different offers for cooperation;
  • - decently pay for attracting foreign students;
  • - affiliate program for the sale of jewelry.

True professionals even invest in such earnings through the Internet. They spend "blood" on the order of advertising, and then receive many times more. You can order it through channels on YouTube, directly from site owners or through advertising networks.

Earnings of real money on the Internet without investing on goods

Without investments on the Internet, you can not only start earning, but also run your own business. Not only through affiliate programs can profit from sales.

You can negotiate with suppliers and distribute anything. You can also start an information business (sell e-books, video tutorials, consultations, etc.).

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Someone creates their own websites to search for customers, while others add them to such systems as they share profits with those who help them conduct sales.

The image above shows an example of one of the products from this site. It costs 890 rubles, and partners receive 453. 9 rubles for sales.What can you sell?

  • online video editing courses;
  • video earnings lessons on the Internet without investments;
  • e-books on psychology, economics, fashion;
  • unique methods of losing weight, giving up bad habits;
  • conducting webinars and business trainings;
  • databases (cars, component computers, etc.).

No frameworks and restrictions, use any experience and knowledge to create a really useful product. The main thing to think about the marketing strategy, because few people agree to pay for the goods from an unknown author.

Read about how infobusiness professionals build, making millions on this. The main thing is that once you create a product, then you just sell copies.

Verified earnings on the Internet without investing with YouTube

With the help of a well-known video hosting service, new projects are launched - channels. You start without investments, but you have to sweat when you come up with an idea and create content. There is enough trash on YouTube, and if you do not cling to the audience, you will not see good money.

So that you can imagine how solid sums are spinning in this niche, see the statistics:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

As with the site, you first have to work for prospects. Young channels do not bring anything, you need to upload interesting videos to them, actively promote them and get views.

Not everyone gets a chance to “catch” attention, and if such earnings without investments suit you, read our helpful articles:

  • YouTube earnings from 50,000 a month without your videos ;
  • how to make money on links to products with aliexpress using Youtube;
  • free promotion on YouTube on popular topics;
  • what users want from YouTube;
  • which videos collect a lot of views on YouTube.

Competition in this niche is high, it is already difficult to break through. So try to surprise, make high-quality videos for a wide audience.

Only when there are more than 30,000 subscribers will it make sense to look for advertisers, although most often they get in touch.

Earnings at games - economic simulators with a withdrawal of money

Another interesting direction for making money online is investment games. They propose to build a different virtual business (farms, shops, taxi stations, mines).

Play money turns into real money, and not to be unfounded, I’ll show my own statistics on payments from one of these projects:

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Why we talk about projects with investments in the article about earnings through the Internet without investment? Because on all sites really start from scratch.

First, there are various bonuses, and sometimes they offer ways to earn game currency. Secondly, affiliate programs work everywhere, they are paid a percentage of the funds invested by referrals:

  • - taxi stations are created, machines are needed to fulfill virtual orders;
  • - there is a bonus for registration, profits come from gnomes who mine ore;
  • - purchased robots generate energy that changes for real money;
  • - you buy birds, they hatch eggs, from the sale of which income comes;
  • - another game about birds, where a lot of bonuses and you can earn on surfing.

Even if you need to invest a little (for example, to activate payments), the amount will be within 50 rubles. Any student will be able to allocate such an amount in order to earn even more.

Be sure to attract referrals to such sites, because this is the most profitable option in economic games.

How to make cryptocurrency on the Internet?

Everyone has heard about Bitcoins, but there are many other coins that are now being collected for prospects. Today, the Bitcoin exchange rate is almost $ 10,000, and once the coins were less than a dollar.

Who managed to buy them decently earned. All is not lost, other altcoins are also increasing in price, and you can get them for free.

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day

Here's a good example, a graph of the Ripple coin rate. In December 2017, they were 25 cents, and today they are almost 64 cents (we still do not take into account price hikes in January 2018.

If someone had 1000 such coins, their capital increased from $ 250 to 640 $ in just a few months.This and many other cryptocurrencies are collected for free through these projects:

  • - a freebie is heard every hour, plus there is a lottery and you can risk Bitcoins received in gambling;
  • - cloud mining service, where the daily bonus is available.Through it really start earning cryptocurrency without investments;
  • - on this site you can e download a program for mining and at the expense of the power of your PC to get different coins;
  • - get a new cryptocurrency for placing videos on the video hosting or viewing ads;
  • - tokens are distributed to investors, money is invested in new stars .The only option to start from scratch is to attract referrals.

We actively use the crypto market for profit, so a separate section has been created on our blog - All about cryptocurrencies.

There you will find other useful articles and reviews of other sites with the ability to earn crypto money without investments. Let it be little-known tokens, because they have prospects and are able to rise in price at any time.

How to make money online from 500 rubles a day


The selection turned out to be large, but everyone will be able to choose a good option just for themselves. Someone more like earnings on the Internet without investments and invitations of 500-1000 rubles. per day, others do not mind working with referrals or want to get even more profit.

Pay special attention to cryptocurrencies, today it is a current direction, it is only gaining momentum. Many already regret that they did not have time to collect free Bitcoins when it was possible.

Spending not so much time, really accumulate a bunch of different altcoins and if at least one of them soars in price, the profit will be impressive.

Earnings on the Internet without investments and deception is not a myth. Once professionals also doubted and it seemed to them that it was simply not realistic to understand all the intricacies. Now they get a steady income without leaving their homes.

Try different ways to find the ideal option, when no start-up capital is required, the risks are reduced to zero.

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