How to make money on YouTube channel? better ways

Over the past few years, earnings using YouTube have gained tremendous popularity.

People launch new channels and add really high-quality videos, getting a lot of views and monetizing their sites. Everyone has such an opportunity, you only need to actively fill the channel and do it correctly.

How to make money on the YouTube channel? There are several options for profit from the channel. Naturally, the income of those who know how to become a YouTube star is much higher, as the profit depends on the number of subscribers and views.

If you already have a channel and you want to get financial benefits from it, then read the article further, we will tell you about the ways of earning on the YouTube channel.

How to make money on YouTube channel? better ways

Earnings on YouTube, the best ways

Before you start using the ways of earning, you need to unwind the channel and attract subscribers. Otherwise, the profit will be quite small, and advertising will only scare the audience.

Does your channel have over 1000 subscribers and thousands of video views? Then you can start monetization:

1. Adsense advertising. The most common way to make money on YouTube, which is used even by the most popular video bloggers.

The essence is very simple, you need to link the profiles of YouTube and Adsense, and then enable the commercial use of clips. When you do this, ads will appear in your videos.

It can appear in separate blocks, at the very beginning of the video, or directly while watching the video. Here payment is made for each transition to the advertiser's site, and the cost per click depends on several factors.

2. Advertising Youpartnerwsp. A total of 50 subscribers need to dial to connect the channel to this affiliate program.

Your videos will also be monetized through advertising, but you will be charged only 80% of profits. It’s more profitable to work directly, some will say, but on this site they will help you to figure it all out and squeeze the most out of your commercials.

You can read more about earnings with this system in the article about the monetization of the YouTube channel. In addition to the low requirements for channels, when using this service, you can withdraw money to different bills.

How to make money on YouTube channel? better ways

3. Selling links Blogun. The Blogun link exchange, once created, has long been offering earnings for site owners on social networks and YouTube channels.

All you need to do is add your channel to the list of sites and then wait for the applications to arrive. You will add them to the description, along with the surrounding text.

We talked about earnings on Blogun via YouTube in detail, this article has instructions for monetizing the channel by selling links. Of course, links are not bought so actively from channels, but even for one placement you can get decent money.

4. Direct advertisers. Owners of promoted channels monetize them through direct advertisers. If you have ever watched Max +100500 commercials, you should have noticed how he advertises the Monster brand.

Most likely, this is a direct advertiser who pays for mentioning his brand in commercials with a lot of views.

Even if you are not as popular as Maxim Golopolos, look for direct advertisers. Go to the forums, look for those who are interested in advertising. Be sure to create your own topics with a proposal for advertising in videos.

5. Partnership programs. Thousands of affiliate programs are suitable for earnings through the channel on YouTube. Here the scheme of making a profit is even simpler, choose an affiliate program, get a referral link and attract customers to it.

With each order, registration or use of services, you are charged money.

The most important thing is to choose an affiliate program on the subject of your channel. For example, through game channels you can attract people to online stores of computer games.

6. Advertise your services and products. Why advertise someone if you can attract customers for yourself from the channel. To use this method, you need to open your own business, at least a small one.

You can start with information products, offering people e-books or video courses, but everything also depends on the subject of the channel.
For example, if you lead a channel about needlework or embroidery, offer viewers the goods you have made yourself. The most profitable option, especially if you offer something interesting.

Making money on the YouTube channel is not so easy, and the main difficulty here is the promotion of the site. Only when you begin to collect a lot of views, you will have the opportunity to receive big money.

So, first, don’t chase after money, try to make the channel popular and learn how to make money on YouTube.

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