How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

At the dawn of the 21st century, new schemes for earning money are made up, and enterprising people quickly grasp it and even create video courses. But not all of them are of high quality, in some cases, non-working schemes are advertised. Why do people cheat? To get your profit, you need to be careful.

Earnings at

, myth or reality? This topic is now gaining popularity. A few years ago, there was also a "boom" for such earnings, but users quickly realized that all this is a scam. Now there are new victims, easy money is always attractive, do not be fooled.

How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

Yandex Music, making money

Nobody ever paid money to listen to music. There are several foreign services, but I don’t even see the point of leaving links to them, because there you can collect a maximum of 2 cents in a month. I cannot say whether it is a hoax or not, because no one has yet managed to collect the minimum amount for withdrawal.

The service of listening to music does not offer to make money, and the authors of the courses talk about magic services.

They pull money from honest people under various pretexts:

  1. The easiest way to make a profit is to sell your course. Got the money, and help videos or not, nobody cares.
  2. Often in such courses scam are advertised. Some are created by the authors themselves, in some they get paid for referrals.
  3. On the websites to make money on Yandex Music, they offer to buy paid subscriptions, i.e. these are masked financial pyramids.
  4. Foreign services are closed for users from Russia, and the authors of the courses provide links to purchase VPNs and proxies; they pay money for invited clients.

This list can be continued for a long time, since it is easier to earn money on deceptions. The Yandex Music system is a scam, do not spend a penny on training courses, they advertise third-party resources that are not at all related to the projects of a popular search engine.

Working system of earnings in Yandex Music

Only musicians can receive money from listeners. To do this, they need to add releases of their songs to the system. It's not difficult to do, the genre does not matter. Money does not come for the placed tracks, but when they are listened, the button for donations is presented to users:

How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

The performers optionally set the form on their page to accept donations. Money is transferred on a voluntary basis, perhaps it is no longer a way to make money, but still an option for receiving real money. They arrive at the account in Yandex. Money, from where the musician can transfer them to the card .

On the Internet there are unusual ideas for making money with Yandex Music for performers. After promotion on the Internet, you can make a profit from the sale of tickets to concerts. Most of all I was surprised by the option of advertising in the lyrics. You can try to find an advertiser who agrees to pay for it, but this will not be easy.

Honest earnings service from Yandex

The most popular Runet search engine has long been offering an official part-time job to anyone. For this service was created, there appear simple tasks. Using this site, Yandex improves search, ordinary people help to figure out which sites, pictures, videos are worthy of the first positions.

Service users immediately after registration receive a list of tasks. The higher the rating of the performer, the more orders:

How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

Please note that this is not a third-party service, it was Yandex who created it. Payment is not large, because the tasks are very simple. There are many types, for example, you can make recommendations to the video. We press to start the task and get to this page:

How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

2 ​​videos are shown, you need to share your opinion - are the videos duplicates, are they interesting, are they played. Earn at least a few cents (will take less than 30 minutes) and get real money, in one of the following ways:

How to make money on Yandex Music, the whole truth about work

Earn money on the Internet with Yandex Music is not offered here, but the tasks are various and often there are new ones. You may be prompted to listen to some audio file.

Use other high-quality websites to make money; payments come from them to any payment system or even bank cards.

When I saw the Yandex Music 2 course on sale, I was very surprised by the earnings from listening to music. I have been working on the network for so many years, I spend a lot of time on my PC and often listen to tracks, but have never used this method. It turned out that all this is another scam, do not believe deceivers.

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