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It’s impossible to say that video advertising on the Internet is something new; However, it has become a really popular trend in the Russian segment only in the last few years.

And its share will only grow - in the end, video information is easier perceived, more catchy and more diverse than text or images. Advertisers understand this, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that right now this is an extremely profitable niche, and the platforms of almost any subject matter show a nice envelope. A webmaster who wants to keep up with the times should at least pay attention to it.

Why order a seeding video

You can, of course, do video advertising yourself. However, it is fraught.

Hoping that the client will come to him himself can only hope that a top webmaster, for more modest members of the profession, alas, the probability is vanishingly small.

The advertiser has to spend a lot of time searching for sites, negotiations and control. In addition, the very nature of video advertising leads to the fact that, due to an error in planning, the entire budget will be included in a video clip, which will be seen not by those, not there and not when necessary.

In order to avoid these problems, and there are services like VideoSeed.

How VideoSeed works

VideoSeed's goal is to make the interaction between the advertiser and the site owner as convenient and effective as possible. The service will select which campaigns are better suited for which sites, launch videos and provide customers and partners with statistics. And they can only observe how this system works, and receive benefits.

The first thing that catches your eye when meeting VideoSeed is the rigorous selection of both advertisements and sites. For example, sites with less than five hundred uniki per day have nothing to do here, as well as the inhabitants of free hosting sites (unless the resource is very well visited). If you lead a group on the social network, then it must have at least a thousand subscribers. A focus on the Russian audience is needed - at least half of the visitors must be from Russia.

The second important point is that the service uses only "white" methods. No artificial motivation of the visitor to view, automatic generation of views, deception regarding the content of the video and similar tricks. Less conscientious webmasters will scare them away, but the result is beneficial to everyone: advertisers pay the service with trust, and the webmaster’s really lucid views earn dividends from this.

Payments are made weekly, the minimum amount is one hundred rubles, so even sites that are not very visited will not have to wait long from payment to payment.

Is it worth it to contact

With video ads - definitely, if the specificity of the site allows, and attendance is sufficient. Specifically with VideoSeed - why not? My brief acquaintance with him has already shown that even if the service is still lacking in something of scale, it more than compensates for this with powerful functionality, convenience and transparency. And taking into account the fact that the role of this niche in the advertising market will only grow, both he and his partners have a great future.

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