How to make money on uCoz sites? project content and development

Even if your site was made using the free uCoz designer, it’s easy to make good money on it.

In this article we will talk about the monetization of resources , which are created for free.

How to make money on uCoz sites? project content and development

Website creation

If you do not already have your project at uCoz, then you need to create it, first filling in several pages, in order to have a resource that has been searched for in search engines, which will make it possible to increase its age in advance, as it is usually the most difficult for young sites to reach the top places and get good traffic.

You get a domain in this system for free. The most important thing is to find the subject you are interested in, come up with a name and domain name and start filling the site.

Filling and development of the project

The next stage is filling the project with unique, high-quality and interesting information. Content at the site is valued above all, because the user who has come to your resource, aims to find the answer to his question and learn more about this or that topic.

When the website you have created fully begins to satisfy the visitors to their requests, the search engines will immediately see it and begin to “raise” the website to a higher position in the results.

You can get the content in the following ways:

  • buying articles on the stock exchanges;
  • paying for copywriters;
  • self-filling (as an option, you can do uncomplicated rewriting of articles, this means retelling of already existing materials, so that the output will be a unique text).

How to make money on uCoz sites? project content and development

How to start earning on your site?

To start monetization of the uCoz site, make sure that Daily visitors to the project were more than 100 - 300 people. It is then using the methods of earning, you will truly feel the income from the site.

Use the following methods to benefit from the project:

  • context advertising (you register with systems such as Yandex. Direct and Google AdSense and simply place ready ad code on the pages of your site, before that you need to go through moderation);
  • selling places for banners (look for advertisers who will be ready to place their banners);
  • participate in affiliate programs (find interesting and a promising system that has its own affiliate program, for example, to attract new users th on projects, thus you can earn on registrations from your resource);
  • resale of sites (despite the fact that the project is made on uCoz, there are a lot of people willing to buy profitable and high-quality sites in this system);
  • selling links from the pages of the site (with this method of monetization you can make money on transferring weight from your resource to third-party, unless of course there are a large number of pages on your weapon and good indicators of TCI and PR).

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