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Today, one live, interesting guest post from the author of a young but very promising blog.

Today we digress from the intrigue of the next 30-day Marathon and pay attention to the somewhat more grayish zone of the SEO-spectrum.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging service. Microblogging is the exchange of short messages that are maintained and stored in the form of a blog. On Twitter, the message length is 140 characters, smart sources say that this is a legacy of one of the sms formats, in which you could also write 140 characters.
The same smart sources report that microblogging was first introduced on Facebook in March 2006 as a status update. Twitter and Jaiku soon opened. Then there were many more clones, and not only clones, such as Tumblr, but Twitter, as we know, so far that has bounced everyone.

How to make money on Twitter? Strategy, tactics and complete instructions - Profit Hunter

Why is Twitter so good? For example, not only your followers followers will read your message (tweet), but everyone tweeters who searched one of the words in your tweet. In addition to searching, there is a very rapidly changing list of hot topics. In addition to Twitter itself, such lists are maintained by dozens of third-party services that are in high demand. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of them, since Twitter has a very good API. You can read about the most interesting of these aggregators in this article.
People (and CEOs!) Are eager to know what is currently relevant on Twitter, and therefore if you regularly post on hot topics and even re-tweet other people's messages, you will always be in sight. If you like your tweet, users will be fucking you. You can track hot trends and literally do not get out of the tops, and accordingly, from the first pages of dozens of aggregators.
In addition, just a couple of weeks ago, Google entered into an agreement with Twitter and began to include tweets in search results.

According to various sources, the number of active Twitter users is now about 20 million - the fourth place after Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. There is something to think about, is it true?

How to make money on Twitter?

In general, there are two options.

  • First - with Twitter you are promoting your website or blog.

Broadcast posts from your blog to Twitter, someone stumbles upon you and switches to your blog. Monetize you have a blog or website.

  • Second, Twitter as an independent marketing tool.

The classic way is a real, real, live account. As in the case of this blog or social network. You write interesting news and reflections, catch fashion trends, actively participate in discussions, actively comment on other users, in general, gain "real" friends and authority. Nobody will take this authority from you, this is your capital. your links will strive for 100% of your friends. Another thing is that posting advertising often will not work, otherwise you will lose all authority at once.

You don’t have time to do this, it’s a long and dreary and lacks English? , this is not for us. Let's go as I and promised, to more grayish zones.

What is it about the bourgeoisie on the nose? Christmas? Excellent: we register an account with a title on the topic of Christmas, Santa or something, and we recruit followers. We are broadcasting some Google -News on the topic.Then, from the beginning of December, turn off the news and start posting your advertising links.If you have a thousand live followers, then according to statistics, 10% of them will click on your link (of course, it all depends on how attractive and convincingly you write the text). Suppose your conversion is only 1% ( we take the middle case, of course, if you sell Lexuses, then you probably don’t need to tweet ). Total, with every thousand live followers you get a hundred clicks and one sale with each tweet.

Now imagine that there are several thousand followers, several tweets per day, and you have several dozens or hundreds of such akk ...

I emphasize again that twitter is just a tool, and that’s all depends on how attractive and convincingly you write the text, and how much your proposal needs someone to . But we will play in the winning niches, right?

Next, there are all sorts of services for monetizing Twitter, for example Sponsored Tweets or ad. ly. In the Sponsored Tweets, anyone will not take, but with a few thousand followers you can try. Here the other day (November 6), John Chow sold a tweet in the Sponsored Tweets for a thousand bucks.

Now the question is: how do you build followers?

The obvious answer is: be cool pepper, like John Chow, or some kind of Ashton Kutcher with more than 3.9 million followers, or God forgive me, Kim Kardashian, and tens of thousands and millions will follow you on their own.

If you are not cool peppers, then start a blog, post unique and super-useful information in it, become a guru in your field, increase credibility and reputation ... As in classical Internet marketing.

... OK, that doesn't suit us.
So, let's approach from the other side.

The most well-known tactic for today:

Let's follow everyone in a row, or even better, users who may be interested in our topic, in the hope that they will follow us back. After two or three days, we follow those who did not follow us, and continue.

The main disadvantage of this method is

The disadvantage is that you will not get anyone at least at o real followers. Basically, the same spammers as yourself.


Very simple.

Imagine yourself in the place of a real live user, a solvent American broker or housewife, who in December will look like crazy for gifts to all relatives and friends, and therefore we need them. You receive a message that someone behind you. What are you doing? (Note that you receive several dozens of at least such messages per day. 90% of them come from untalented and boring spammers).
Correctly, look at his feed and at the rating (ratio) .

  • Feed - is it interesting to read it?

If this researched user (who begs for us as a friend) does not clog his feed with any spam, neatly posts news from google or offers really good deals and discounts - well, it is quite possible that this filter will pass.

  • Followers to Friends Ratio - this is the most important part of my article.

The following options are possible here:

1. Take the same John Chow: 107 Following, 51.704 Followers

The ratio speaks for itself. These people are gurus or celebrities; in general, for various reasons, thousands of people voluntarily want to read them, knowing at the same time that they will read only a couple of tens to hundreds of friends.
It is useless for us to even think about copying such a rating, because if the user sees such a rarity and comes up to look for who you are, he will immediately understand that this is a fake.

2. Now let's take another option: more following than followers.

For example:
100 Following, 50 Followers
1000 Following, 700 Followers

Who is this? And this is you, the citizens. These are all those who have been reading blogs of all sorts of seo-lohovodov, saying: follow the people and wait for one of them to follow you in return.

Now, do not forget that you are a good Pindos. You receive a message, you open a profile and see: a person has more followers than followers. Remember that you have already been spammed from all sides. Instant reaction:

Spammer! In his firebox.

It is clear that this spammer will follow everyone in the hope that someone will follow him back. You will not even open his profile, immediately send his letter in the trash.

This is very important to understand.

3. And how do you find such an average option - more followers than followers:

50 Following, 100 Followers
or, say,
100 Following, 300 Followers

Who is this? "Hmm, well, this is probably a respectable user. I’ll see his profile and feed ..."

Even this option:
5000 Following, 7000 Followers
not very scary. "Probably out of courtesy, he frends everyone to respond ... But he writes something interesting since he has so many followers. I'll follow him, I’ll see what he will write about this useful ... ”


This is the third option we will beat.

And how?

It is necessary that someone has already started you, so that when you follow users, you already have a positive ratio.

The gray part begins here: buying followers.

It is clear that purchased followers will not click on your links. From a commercial point of view, this is useless ballast in your meter. Their only goal is to follow the follower / folio ratios, so that the users to whom you knock, you follow more willingly.

Where to buy followers? In the network you can find similar services. I can help you: the test followers technology is on my way. Read more in my blog.

So, I paint the whole chain.

1. Register twitter acc.

2. Fill in the full way profile.
Introduce yourself as some kind of specialist, or as a housewife - no hints of advertising, such as “here are the best ways to make money!” >

Userpic is required, or the face of a living person, or a clipart on a topic.

Be sure to custom design (for example, here). ( Hint: Twitter is often buggy in the design settings, it’s better to do this in firefox).

3. Connect the feed broadcast on the topic , for example, google news, yahoo news, reddit, digg, whatever.
I post two news items once an hour.

How to do it? Yes full of services. The most famous is twitterfeed, but it’s so buggy that it’s better to stay away from it. There are all there rss2twitter and others. But the best service, and indeed the best twitter client at the moment, is hootsuite.

If your account is linked to one of your blogs, you broadcast, in addition to news, posts from the blog.

Option : you start a splog, you broadcast all the news to a splog, and from a splog, you can go to Twitter. Now the links on your twitter will lead to your splog, and not to the source of news.
Plus : the splog is naturally much easier to monetize.
Minus : users will see that you are promoting your blog and lose interest in you. And if they see that you refer to different sources (and this is the case with google news), they trust you more. We, in general, are talking about how to promote Twitter-acc. In general, see for yourself.

4. In a day you have 40-50 posts. This is normal. Transfer the broadcast to 1 post mode in 12-24 hours . More often to anything, the less you annoy users, the better.

Ideally, post not only news, but also some thoughts of your own. For example: “Today I walked with children in the park, what a thrill!”, Or “Asthma tortured, medications do not help”, or “Windy-7 is a supertouch, I finish with pleasure when I mess with them” There are no links in these posts ! So you let users know that you are a living person. So you build a reputation. The more carefully you do this, the more users will trust you and the sooner they will click on your links, when you go to the stage of monetization.

Attention, I burn the topic!

(Variation in points 1-4)

We are looking for a reputable website in your niche, which still does not have its twitter. Yes, strangely enough, you can still find such. And mow it! That is, the design for it, put a link in the profile on it, broadcast the rss-feed from it. Just do not take his name as a username! This is an instant ban. Everything else is not banned, checked!
That is, users in a niche will think that you are this site, well, or somehow they are connected with it.
In this case, all items on news broadcasting are no longer adequate.
Spin the account, type in followers, then start slowly mixing in your ad, or chop off their feed altogether and post only your own.

The method works: I recently discovered a tweeter, mowing under my main white project. 300 with something followers. And this is despite the fact that this project of mine has its own twitter. True, he posted some frank spam, and even off topic. I even hesitated whether to complain to Twitter: after all, the pr3-link to my site, albeit nofollow ...

5. At the same time, when we reduced the pace of posting news, connect , let's say for example, thousand test followers ( where to get them, see the link above ) .

6. Then you start follow users who are interested in your niche, as in the usual pattern. The difference from the usual scheme, as mentioned above, is that you have a head start, users think that you are not such a terrible spammer.

I usually start adding followers a day, and in a couple of days I’ll bring up to 1000.

How do users follow? You can manually. You can search for users by key in the same hootsuite. You can use any of the now bred programs. I probably tested them with a dozen, and my choice is unequivocal: Tweet Adder . More about working with this program, I tell in my blog.

When you follow users, you set a factor of, say, 1: 1.5 - this means that the program will stop when there are 1.5 times fewer followers than followers.
In our example: 1000 followers (for now, test ones) - the program sends 667 folls.

Important point: it all happens to a sufficient degree at the same time. That is, as soon as you start following the akki from p. 5, you immediately start following users according to p. 6. Otherwise, you will follow someone, and he will see: th, 1000 followers - 10 followers ... Spammer tries.

7. Out of these 667 follow-ups, say, about a quarter (in my experience) follow you back . ( Well, or up to 80 percent, if you are promoting a real white project. This is also in my experience. But we don’t consider this case here ).

Total: 170 live followers.

8. After two (for particularly impatient) or three days , the program unsubscribes 667-170 = 497 users who did not call you back .And then he follows 497 new ones. And so on.

9. What do we have in the end?

If you stop at 1000 test followers and spend a few days before finishing followers up to 1: 1.5 ratios, then in the end we will have (in the limit, of course):

1000 test followers.
667 folds.
667 live followers .

1000 + 667 = 1667 followers in our profile. Not 1000, but already 1667.
And this means that the program has already sent out the folls further! 1667: 1.5 = 1111, 1111-667 = 444 - another 444th users.
And so on.
This means that the initial thousand test followers will be enough to disperse the process, by the end of which the test followers will be sufficiently dissolved among live followers.

10. When we’ve gotten enough, a reasonable number of followers, turn off , as I already wrote, news and start posting your advertising links .

In this example, we started with a thousand test followers, but no one bothers to try just a hundred or just two thousand, or ten thousand at once.
I do not recommend more than 20 thousand, it is too suspicious. Although if you type living followers under them, you can shoot well ...

Exhaust, as I already wrote: from a thousand live followers, with one tweet - an average of one sale. Somewhere like that. It strongly depends on the market and on the niche, of course. And from your marketing talents =)
Or, again, Sponsored Tweets or ad. ly.

Well, no one bothers you to register and promote dozens of dozens, Tweet Adder allows this easily.

Good luck with your follow-ups, follow-ups and loot!

P. S. Take a closer look at the Twidium program. She will help you in this matter.

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