How to make money on the Upwork?

Freelancing through foreign exchanges is much more profitable, since there are more offers and higher average prices.

There are enough websites to search for customers, but you need to choose the largest exchanges. Not so long ago, the well-known Odesk system received a rebranding and became even better.

Earnings on the freelance market has a bunch of positives. The company has offices in many countries, including Ukraine.

Why this particular post-Soviet country? Because that's where the highest percentage of freelancers are. But all this is not important, because the site can be used anywhere in the world.

How to make money on the Upwork?

How to make money on Upwork?

On all freelance exchanges, you first need to register, fill out your profile and send bids to potential customers.

According to reviews, the first sentences or responses can be received the very next day. Immediately do not try to take up expensive orders, as they are more likely to approve the candidacy of professionals.

There is no Russian on Upwork, if this is a problem for you, use the exchange


Unlike the Russian-speaking analogues on Upwork, there is a huge audience of customers from many countries. The calculations are carried out in dollars and euros, which is also convenient, since their rate is now high.

Immediately I would like to say for beginners, any national currency on the Internet can be easily exchanged for rubles and hryvnia, you will find exchangers for.

Remote work on this exchange can be found by everyone, there are many offers and, for convenience, they are divided into categories:

How to make money on the Upwork?

In principle, one can do without serious knowledge of a foreign language language, for example, if you are a designer. There are also translators, even in broken text you can figure out exactly what the client wants.

Open different offers, translate them and if you understand what the customer needs, send a request:

How to make money on the Upwork?

In general, the work is no different from working with others freelance exchanges. The main thing is your skills and desire to find a job. By the way, the administration of this project confidently declares that they have no security problems (after hacking FL. Ru, this became an important point for freelancers).

Important points in working with Upwork

The system is serious, quite popular and has a huge number of fans. Everyone can earn here, but you need to take into account several subtleties and peculiarities in order to maximize quickly unwind and work productively:

  1. Immediately after registration, fill in the portfolio, customers pay attention to it. Having seen examples of works, it is much easier for them to decide on the choice of the performer.
  2. Reviews are also important for the novice freelancer, so after registration, look for orders for $ 5 -10 $, follow them and earn a reputation.
  3. What a freelancer needs to strive for is finding a loyal customer. Therefore, it is better to consider vacancies, not individual projects.
  4. Send applications for 10 or more orders at once, as they do not often respond to performers from Russian-speaking countries (although they do not trust freelancers from India and Pakistan).
  5. It is advisable to learn English. Even if you deal with the requirements in the order, you still have to communicate with employers.
  6. Consider time zones, time can vary greatly between you and your potential customer. Applications should be sent when they have a day.
  7. Do not rush to choose a niche, look through several categories at once, there may be great offers.
  8. Don't stop learning, the higher the level of professionalism, the better the work you do and the higher the pay.

Why not send your first application right now? Doubt your skills? But on this exchange they sometimes ask to simply come up with an interesting name for the site or to lead a group on social networks in Russian (in order to promote the project in Russia).

Of course, foreign freelancing is at times more profitable than , but if you are a beginner, it is better to try yourself on the Russian-language exchanges. When you gain experience and understand the details, as well as learn a foreign language, you can reach a higher level.

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