How to make money on the sites, not engaged in their creation?

Profitable business in mediation was opened by people at all times. There are many interesting schemes in which you don’t have to do any work yourself, you can use the services of professionals. It is even easier to do this on the Internet, as it is easy to establish connections with customers and performers.

Earnings on creating websites without investments and knowledge is a good deal for a real businessman. This is not just earnings on the creation and sale of sites, we are talking about the resale of services.

In order not to learn anything and not to waste time, you need to search for clients and transfer orders to webmasters.

How to make money on the sites, not engaged in their creation?

How to organize earnings on creating websites to order?

Why work yourself when you can shift the main work on the shoulders of developers. A lot of webmasters work in the network, they are ready to create any site. If you adjust the flow of orders, as well as assemble your own team of professionals, you can quickly get hold of, practically without wasting time.

From my own experience I will say, such mediation brings a minimum of $ 200 per month. The case is profitable, but it has its own subtleties.

You can understand them without knowledge of site building. Significant plus - ample opportunities for development. You can open your own web-studio, and there the income is many times more.

Now the market is overflowed with proposals, it is unlikely that you will get enough to develop blogs and odnostranichnikov. The highest prices are offered for the creation of corporate and business projects. Large sums are spent on them, but it is not easy to knock out such an order, because such people want to cooperate with real professionals.

You can start from the simplest, offer your services through social networks and word of mouth. Orders are simply transferred to webmasters, and the difference in price is for intermediary services. How much it will be a large amount depends only on you. Some wind up to 30% in their own pocket.

Earnings on creating websites for the order, where to look for customers?

It is unlikely that you will encounter difficulties when you search for a website developer. On any freelance exchange, thousands of webmasters are ready to get down to business at any second.

A completely different question is customer search. After all, they can also go to the stock exchange and order the development of sites without overpayments.

To get people interested, you need to create your own playground. Until you have reached a serious level and have not opened your own company, you can get by with a beautiful landing page. At the same time, when developing a one-page, get acquainted with the first webmasters. The most important thing is to leave contact details:

How to make money on the sites, not engaged in their creation?

Similar projects are launched all the time, they increase conversion. The quality should be on top, it’s your face, potential customers will draw conclusions about your professionalism on a one-page website. It is necessary to post a list of services and reviews of satisfied customers.

Then everything is easier, we prepare promotional materials and run an advertising campaign. It can be carried out through social and advertising networks. The options are full, the main thing is to allocate the maximum possible budget.

If you have no idea where to order advertising, here are some quality services:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

At the start, orders arrive sluggishly, just no one knows about you yet and you have not won a reputation. Over time, there are loyal customers, many of the customers return to support and refine their projects.

All this brings profit, and you have to make sure that your team of professionals copes with their responsibilities.

What do you need to make money on the Internet on creating websites?

The first, most important point is to establish connections with several developers. Webmasters offer their services wherever possible, so it’s easy to find contacts. It is much harder to find a responsible person who can always take up the project and execute it efficiently.

I thought that from such a big “crowd” of webmasters, it would be easy to choose 2-3 developers. It turns out that almost all freelancers break deadlines do not get in touch by week, and sometimes do not agree to work for the proposed amount. All this creates problems for the business of mediation.

We'll have to work with several people at once, plus look for not only those who can create a site, but also specialists in other areas. Copywriters, optimizers, designers, when a project is large and serious, it is better to divide its development into components and transfer the work to a narrow specialist.

To fulfill small orders, it is better to choose performers who are ready to work for a penny, just to get loose. There are many of them on the stock exchange, where all services cost 500 rubles each:

How to make money on the sites, not engaged in their creation?

Simple sites are created in a couple of hours, and you really can take 3 times more from the client than you give to the developer.For large projects, the services of such freelancers are not suitable.

Real professionals use more popular resources, such as. It is through this exchange that I constantly find the right specialists:

How to make money on the sites, not engaged in their creation?

Read reviews and browse through the portfolio to select a worthy performer. Also on this site there are many pros in other areas, so you can earn not only on the creation of sites, but also on the provision of additional services:

  • website design development;
  • writing articles;
  • site content;
  • site promotion;
  • improvement and administration;
  • advertising in social networks.

You can continue this list ad infinitum, as people on the net are looking for artists for various projects. The more services you get on your list, the more targeted you will be able to reach, and this is an increase in the volume of orders.

Being engaged in any work, you need to strive for something more. Intermediaries in the field of earnings on the creation of sites can count on the opening of their web studio. When there are many customers, and the performers will be clearly defined, all that remains is to draw up official documents.

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