How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Specialists in foreign languages ​​have always been demanded workers.

The Internet is still developing, and residents of various countries interact, communicating, transferring information and even creating a joint business . The only problem for them remains - the language barrier, which can be overcome by studying a foreign language.

How to make money on knowledge of a foreign language? There are a lot of options for people who are fluent in any languages. In this article we will look at the best ways to make money in foreign languages, and you can choose the appropriate option.

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Earnings in foreign languages ​​

There are many options for making money for an interpreter on the Internet. Many of our readers want information quickly, so they don’t have to read much. Therefore, we decided to first present a brief description of the best ways, and only then analyze them in more detail:

  1. Electronic goods. Learning foreign languages ​​is an important direction for learning, so you can be sure that electronic products you create will be in demand. You can develop anything from video courses and electronic reference books to full-fledged programs that help people learn a foreign language.
  2. Online Training. You can earn and providing online training. Many users are willing to pay decent money for private lessons. In addition, parents often look for tutors for their children, which again must be taken into account when looking for clients. As a great option for learning and earning, you can open your YouTube channel and post lessons there.
  3. Selling articles. If you are well versed in a foreign language, then you will not be difficult, translate texts. You can visit any information resource and translate as many articles as you like, and then sell them on stock exchanges. Most of the buyers you will find on Advego and Etxt, when adding material, you can indicate that this is a translation.
  4. Freelance. Freelance exchanges often host various offers for remote processing. In most cases, this is not a long-term, one-off payment, for example, to translate a website interface or hold a conversation between people. But there are also offers for a permanent job, for example, for communication with foreign clients.

Their forces are often underestimated, but even if you don’t know English (or any other) perfectly, you can start a career as a remote translator. Now such experts are in great demand. In parallel, you tighten knowledge and can gradually increase revenues.

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Translators can earn serious money on the Internet, and to make it easier for you to choose a direction, use each of the options presented.

Your business in a foreign Internet

If you know a foreign language well, you can start your own project. Online store, mobile application, any service. Many of the Runet moneymakers are gradually moving to the world level. A good example is Pavel Durov, who, having refused to VKontakte, created a new project Telegram in English.

Outside the Runet, completely different money is spinning, earning it in various ways. Even foreign blogs bring more income to their owners. For example, you can start a financial blog and, through an affiliate program, attract foreigners to get microcredit.

Many interesting partners have been created for foreign traffic. In them, the remuneration is much greater than on domestic counterparts. Just compare the income on the offers, you will immediately notice the difference.

One of the interesting ways to monetize projects (including entertainment ones) is an affiliate program. It is translated into Russian, which facilitates the work. Through the affiliate program you need to look for foreign students and offer them control, coursework and other work. From the first order give up to 80%, with the subsequent up to 30%.

To show how big the difference between rewards in the foreign Internet and in the Runet, look at the payment of 1000 clicks on short links in the system:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

On your own sites you can cut at least all links. Before the user gets to the main page, he will show ads. Given the amount of payment, this is a profitable way. For comparison - for transfers from Russian IP they pay only $ 1.55 (Ukrainian IPs 0. $ 83). Redirecting the links of foreigners is almost 10 times more profitable.

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Training - earnings on knowledge of the English language

How many people are trying to learn foreign languages, they are even willing to pay money for it. Translators can teach online or sell information products.To understand how demanded the service / product is, check the statistics every month thousands of people are looking for information about training in Yandex:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

To become a tutor online, it is desirable run your own website or at least a group in social networks. You can try to scatter the ads on the boards or forums. There is also a site for consulting with professionals. There are already many translators ready to help, payment comes for the time spent:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Online training is effective, but you have to spend too much time on it. There is another way - this is info-business. Create a course of video clips or write an e-book, and then sell it. Buyers can be found on different sites, in addition, special services have been created, such as.

Here the authors exhibit goods so that their partners advertise for a part of the profits:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

See, the course price is 6225 rubles, and partners are paid 2116. 5 rubles . At the moment, 91. 7 thousand rubles have been paid to partners, which means that the course has been sold approximately 43 times. Considering that the author gets clean 4108. 5 rubles. , The total profit from sales is 176665. 5 rubles. This is only from the sale of one training course.

For the sales of information products it is also worth using the services



Such an income on the Internet with the help of Chinese, Spanish, French and any other is also possible. The main thing is to create really useful info products. It is not uncommon for promotion that businessmen first distribute free books and videos. Having gained a good reputation, begin to lead sales.

Earnings in English - text translation

Probably, of all the ways presented, this one will be the easiest. In addition, you do not have to look for customers and wait for months for a profit. There is much more information on the foreign Internet than on the Russian Internet. The same Americans have long opened their personal blogs and constantly publish something in them.

Now Russian bloggers are trying to follow in their footsteps and are buying up content in tons to fill their resources. Translations of foreign texts are not prohibited; you can choose the subject yourself and work at a convenient time. All popular copywriting exchanges in text types have translations (choose a translation when you add articles for sale):

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

From which sources do you translate texts? Here, decide for yourself the increased demand for articles on construction, fashion, news, cars, real estate, medicine. They buy almost everything, the main thing is to make a high-quality translation so that it is readable, and not as after processing by programs. You can put the translated texts for sale through these sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • Wmmail;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Copywriters also need to unwind a bit to make sales more active. At first it’s better to reduce the cost of articles, it will help to find loyal customers and collect a lot of positive reviews. Having a certain popularity, you increase prices without loss of sales volumes.

Translators can go backwards by selecting articles in Russian and remaking them for foreign resources. Where to put up for sale such content was described in the article about profitable foreign copywriting.

The easiest way to start making money on knowledge of foreign languages ​​is to translate news. In foreign sources, they appear much faster, the only negative is the rapid loss of relevance of the goods. Type in Google search words for topical blogs and get a huge selection of sites from which you can translate.

Earnings in English in freelancing

Freelancers do any kind of work. Someone needs to translate the interface of the site, someone needs the support of foreign clients or conduct a business conversation with a foreign partner. On quality freelance exchanges (such as) various projects are constantly being added:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

The work is offered not only to those who know English. There is a demand for specialists in other languages. See, $ 9 offers 317 words for translation of the text (approximately 2000 characters without spaces). A small article for 500 p. , quite a good part-time job. Also on the stock exchanges sometimes there are vacancies for polyglots:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

There are many people who want to occupy such places, and they pay decently. So you have to send a lot of applications to find an employer. But after that, orders will flood you, and you will not have to search for anyone. Do you know foreign languages ​​perfectly? Go to overseas projects.

Earnings on the Upwork freelance market is impossible without knowledge of English (there is simply no Russian version), and there are much more offers:

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

As practice shows, with performers customers from India and Russia are reluctant to cooperate.Just do not despair, there are many applications here, so you will definitely find work for yourself. In some projects, the contractor is determined for a long time, although prices for completed orders are decent.

There is another foreign exchange of freelancing, where there are always many customers. Look for job openings and projects at


Not everyone can find a remote workplace quickly. It usually takes months. It is desirable to earn money in the freelancing niche, doing a stable job. Permanent income this activity begins to bring only after some time. And do not forget to improve skills, payment depends on professionalism.

How to make money on the knowledge of a foreign language in the network?

Additional ways of earning in foreign languages ​​

In the world, English is the main language, so its knowledge opens up more possibilities. In addition to all the options presented, the translator can earn in other ways. Skills come in handy in different directions, it is not necessary to know a foreign language perfectly:

  1. The operator is the most in-demand vacancy on the Internet. Translators are needed even in groups of social networks to communicate with foreigners. This is a branch of freelancing, job openings should be searched on popular exchanges. To get a decent amount, it is desirable to get those. support for several sites at once.
  2. The guide is an option from the category of ideas for business. If you live in a resort city, then why not create a website and not offer your help to foreigners. Tourists are interested in finding a normal guide who would show them not only attractions, but also drive them to local clubs.
  3. Video blogger - now earnings on YouTube are relevant and in Russia, the money comes from the videos are big, so many channels have divorced. In the foreign segment of the Internet, income is even greater. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will allow you to go beyond the Russian-speaking audience.
  4. Model in chat is a specific type of earnings on communication with foreigners. Surely you've heard about erotic chat rooms and frank shows. On the site models are girls, boys and couples. They block their home country and communicate only with foreign clients (plus they are more generous).

Earnings in Russian in all these ways is also possible, think, it may be better to start with this. In general, it is desirable to achieve something in RuNet, and only then go to a more ambitious level. The money we spin is not so big, but then the bar changes dramatically.

You can really earn a lot and a lot on your knowledge of English, Chinese, French and other languages ​​on the Internet. The main thing is to consider each niche, and it is better to try to do different types of work.

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