How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

The active advertising system Socpublic, is one of the most popular mailers, which newcomers can earn on the Internet.

Since 2008, a great number of users have registered on this site and 277 thousand of them are active participants.

Users paid a little more than 200,000 dollars . Previously, it was called Wmpublic, but now it has been completely redone, including changing its name to Socpublic.

Earnings with a Socpublic mailer is very simple, and to use it you will need to go through the usual registration. If you have been looking for easy work on the Internet, you can assume that you have found it.

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

During registration The site offers the filling out of a standard form:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

Unlike many postmen who appear recently, you will not find a huge number of ways to earn money on this site. Users are offered four options - this is surfing, writing, tasks and visits. You can also earn extra due to the referral system.

Is it difficult for you to understand? Let's take a closer look at each type of earnings:

1. Surfing. This is the easiest and fastest way to make money on Socpublic. To use it, you just need to watch the sites. Site owners want to advertise their project, so they are willing to pay you for your visit to the resource.

To start viewing, you will need to go to the "Surfing" section and click on the "Start" button:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

During manual surfing, after each viewing You will need to enter a captcha for the site, in automatic it will not be necessary. On the image you can see that in the absence of available sites to view, you must wait.

2. Letters It is also not difficult to earn money on letters, since the work is almost the same as in the previous version. You will also have to visit sites, but navigating through them is a little different:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

After moving to the appropriate section, you will observe separate blocks with headers. By clicking on them, you are going to the advertised site and after a certain viewing time you receive a fee, which is indicated in the "Payment" field (in our example, 3. 8-4 kopecks).

3. Visits This method does not differ at all from the previous one, even the interface is offered the same. A few blocks with ads where you click on the header and watch the site for a small reward:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

Payment is even lower, but the viewing time is much less (5-10 seconds). Do not be lazy and browse the sites, let it and does not bring a lot of money, but to get them is easier than ever.

4. Tasks. The last type of earnings is the most profitable. To receive money, you will perform various tasks, for example, repost Vkontakte, watch a video, register, click on advertising, etc.

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

About 2000 tasks are now available and as you can see from the example, they are quite diverse. After going through one of the tasks, you will be presented with detailed requirements for execution, for example, what exactly needs to be done and what to send as a report.

How to carry out tasks at Socpublic?

So that every newcomer can start working right now, we have compiled detailed instructions on how to execute the instructions:

  1. Open the "Earn" block and select "Tasks":
  2. How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru
  3. Select any task from the list and after its opening carefully read the requirements:
  4. How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru
  5. Under the description there is a button "Start execution", click on it and do what the advertiser requires (in this example you need to register):
  6. How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru
  7. In the description tasks it is said that to confirm the execution you need to send a login, add this information to the report (the form appears on the task page, after the start of its execution):
  8. How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

Once the money is not credited to the account, you need to wait, until the advertiser enters the site and checks your report. Do not waste time and continue to work on other assignments.

In addition to income from tasks, you also take part in the competition of the most active users. Only 100 prizes to become a leader, you need to earn more than others:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

Such a contest is held every 2 weeks, in addition, referrers also conduct them, encouraging the most active referrals.

Referral program at Socpublic

Inviting new members to this site is not difficult, because many people want to start making money easily. From their profit you will receive a percentage, and its size depends on the status.

Therefore, you first need to gain a rating (to be active), otherwise you will not be able to make a profit from all 3 levels at once:

How to make money on Socpublic? | Workion. ru

This table shows the deductions for newbies students.There are 7 different statuses, where the most profitable is the grand master. If you reach it (1500 points), you will receive many times more.

You will receive interest not only on the income of invited participants, but also on their expenses. On the site you can take effective promotional materials. Also, to motivate referrals, a system of bonuses and the installation of an automatic refback are provided.

The output from this click sponsor is available on WMR, Perfect Money, Payeer and Yandex. Money.

There is no minimum amount for withdrawal to Socpublic, so you can withdraw money after the first hour of using the service. How much can you earn during this time? Everything is in your hands, the more actively you work and the more tasks you can complete, the greater will be the amount on your balance.

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