How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

Computer graphics have already become a hobby for many people, and graphic editors can now be downloaded even for free.

A huge amount of useful information in the network helps to learn how to draw and create all kinds of models. Do you like all this and can you create 3D models? Then the way of earning from this article will interest you.

Earnings on 3D models with is an innovative method for real professionals. It's no secret that 3D printing is now gaining serious momentum and many have already acquired special printers. So this system is designed for part-time sales of finished models.

How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

How to make money on Shapeways?

Now the authors of 3D printing models use their skills in many ways, but there are no specialized in RuNet services where it would be possible to find buyers.

The site is ideally suited for this, but there is one drawback - there is no Russian language there. Although for most experienced users this is not a problem, since translators have already been built in for a long time in browsers.

On Shapeways, you can not only upload 3D models, but also open your own store. Thousands of authors have already taken advantage of this, so the site has added a huge variety of interesting layouts, starting with the original bumpers for phones, ending with decorations:

How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

If you can create something similar, then you definitely need to register on this site and start making money right now. Naturally, a part of the money will be taken by the project organizer, but by assessing the prices for such a product, you will understand that it is still profitable.

How to start working on Shapeways?

The system is foreign, so many users have problems using it. First you need to go through the usual registration or log in via social networks. After that, go to your profile and go to the section " My Shops ", where you need to specify the mail address.

Specify the e-mail box that is linked to your PayPal account, since in the future it will be credited to it.

On the same page you can set a logo, add a banner and write a description. Use all of this to get as much customer attention as possible.

You can create sections in your store, use this to classify items. When everything is "laid out on the shelves," shopping is more convenient. As for the line for specifying Google Analytics code, simply leave it blank, this is for advanced users who want to track statistics.

How to load 3D models?

When you create a store and design it, you can start adding models. For this there is a special button UPLOAD , which is displayed on all pages of the site. Click on it, look at the requirements and then upload the image:

How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

Remember that the layout must be made qualitatively, and to attract the attention of customers, it is desirable to present its finished form on a regular photo . If you do not have a 3D printer, you can use the services of different companies (there are in almost all cities) or work with Photoshop:

How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

After downloading, the models immediately not for sale. In order for them to be added to the general catalog, you must go to the My Models section and hover the cursor over one of the models so that the Edit button appears.

Two functions are responsible for adding a model to the public domain - "Display to the public" and "Offer for sale to others". Also on the settings page, you can select those elements of the model that you are ready to show to potential buyers.

Earnings Tips for Shapeways

Many designers already work on this system and they download thousands of different models. Besides the fact that you need to be original and creative, you should listen to the recommendations:

  • after adding models add them at once to several categories;
  • use simple names for models, this makes them easier search;
  • subscribe to the Shapeways blog, useful materials are often posted there;
  • if you add a video to a model page, it is sold faster;
  • include keywords in the header (also like in the description);
  • completely fill in all the model data;
  • the model description text must be unique;
  • n ivlekayte buyers on pages with their models, by any means.

And of course, try to attract foreign traffic, because this is a foreign site where there is no Russian language. Accordingly, the title and its description should be written in English.

How much can you earn on Shapeways?

When you add a model to a site, the Shapeways template cost is set. For this money, the service offers not only to use the layout, but also to print it on a 3D printer.If you do not change anything, then your profit will be zero, so you will have to set the cost yourself.

How to make money on Shapeways using 3D models?

The administration offers to charge a surcharge of 10% -20%, but it is up to you to decide how much your models are worth. To the default amount, add your profit and put a quote. If your product is really interesting and of high quality, then it’s not a shame to take big money.

For each sale you receive a surcharge, but not completely. The organizers keep 3. 5%.

Suppose you add 30 models and, with each of them, you will be charged a total of $ 5.

If, within a month, at least 30 printouts will be carried out on your 3D models (this is not much), the profit will be $ 150 (approximately 10,000 rubles). Money comes passively, and if you want to increase income, you can replenish the range.

Payments to Shapeways are made 60 days from the date of purchase. The fact is that there is a return within 30 days, so the partners receive transfers in another month. The balance must be at least $ 30 , ordering payments is not required.

The Shapeways system opens up new opportunities for designers to earn money and, if you are good at creating 3D models, then you just need to try this method.

In conclusion, I would also like to advise earnings on photostocks, a very profitable option for creative people who understand graphics and photographs.

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