How to make money on recipe photos?

Every day we do different things and we don’t even think that this could bring us profit.

Repairing a computer or car, tying a tie, setting up a TV, installing interesting applications in your phone - all this is A great idea to create instructions for which you can get a reward.

Earnings on photo recipes of dishes is a similar way in which it is necessary to draw up instructions for cooking.

This article is partly a success story of one of the regular readers of the Workion blog. About a year ago, she was actively interested in remote work, and now she is consistently receiving good deductions.

How to make money on recipe photos?

How to make money on recipe photos?

This woman's name is Tatiana, and she is no different from thousands of housewives. Every day she cooks for her family (out of 5 people) breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now she is temporarily not employed, but this does not prevent her from replenishing the family budget. In this case, it takes not so much time for it.

She had no financial difficulties, she just got bored, and she sat on the Internet, lazily flipping through the pages of sites.

She came across a resource about cooking, on which they offered money for recipes . She was interested in it and only from there she received 5,000 rubles, but as she later realized, the works cost much more.

Someone will say that this is too much to earn on the recipe photos. Perhaps you just do not understand the rates. Let's look at a specific example from the exchange:

How to make money on recipe photos?

As you can see, a recipe with photos for $ 6 is sold. At today's rate, it is almost 500 rubles. Now you can count to earn 5,000 rubles, it’s enough to sell only 10 such recipes.

If there are products and the desire to tinker in the kitchen, you can collect 10 recipes in just one day . Still do not believe, let's see another example:

How to make money on recipe photos?

Please note that not only photographs are sold, but also the text to them. Specifically, in this case, the author was 2479 characters (half a page in Word).

It is enough to describe the ingredients and make detailed instructions to get a quality article. Try it, but remember that you can only sell unique texts.

Where to sell recipes with photos?

As Tatyana, the main character of this article, tells, she started from sites that offered authors payment. Then I switched to copywriting exchanges (I used it), and by typing a high rating, I received offers from several owners of large websites to work with them directly.

She completely laid the purchase of products on her shoulders, there is enough money from the sale of recipes.

In the store she buys a lot of different ingredients, pampers her husband and children with unusual dishes, while simultaneously doing remote work. From her words, besides the preparation itself, it takes about 2-3 hours (to make recipes), but for her this is partly a passion.

A successful career as a copywriter is not a myth, Tatyana managed to rise in her niche, although she spent all of this for about a year.

At first it was necessary to receive small money, but on the exchanges it was necessary to wait a long time until there was a buyer. But time is spent not in vain, there is a stable remote side job and you can never get a normal job.

If you have to do something, then why not turn this business into a profitable occupation? Housewives often look for opportunities to work remotely and they have such a chance.

Follow the example of Tatiana, try yourself in this area, because there are many cooking sites and their owners are constantly looking for active authors.

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