How to make money on paid photohosting? pic4you service

By actively using the Internet, each user is faced with a situation when it is necessary to send a picture to another person. In this case, most people use free photo hosting sites, such as Wallmaker. ru.

Every picture you upload to the Internet can bring you money. All you need to do is use paid photo hosting sites. In function, they do not differ from free ones, but when displaying your image, an advertisement opens, and for this you pay money.

How to make money on paid photohosting? pic4you service

scam project

Best paid photo hosting

How to make money on paid photo hosting? First you need to choose a service through which you will upload images. One of the most popular projects for this type of income is Pic4you (scam). On this site you can receive up to 210 rubles for 1000 views of your picture.

After registration, you will have a simple functionality for downloading pictures:

How to make money on paid photohosting? pic4you service

You can upload any pictures, even if you downloaded them on the internet and they are not unique. Also for convenience, you can use the advanced settings. When you dial 15 rubles, the money will automatically be sent to your account.

How to make money on paid photohosting? pic4you service

How to get a lot of views?

Uploading pictures is not difficult, but getting a large number of views is not at all easy.

There are several options that you can use to get many views of a picture:

  1. In forums, you can set topics and add pictures to them. If you select the most popular forums, as well as correctly insert links to pictures, so that other users have no doubts, you can get a lot of transitions. For example, describe any problem with a computer and use a screenshot as a picture.
  2. In social networks, it is even easier to distribute links, but again you will need to somehow motivate the user to follow the link. This can be done in various ways, for sure you have already seen Vkontakte, as some force users to click on the links "Click here and read further."
  3. Highly visited blogs can also be used to increase views. It is enough to describe in the comments various phenomena and accompany them with a picture.

In addition to these methods, there are many alternatives, for example, using mailings. Use all the possibilities to increase the number of views, even if it does not bring you substantial money, a small additional profit can be obtained.

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