How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

Investments on the Internet look attractive, on some sites they promise a month more than 100% of the profits, and on the full machine.

As a rule, these are highly profitable HYIPs with a short lifespan. Such projects are created every day and hundreds of others are closed every day.

How to make money on HYIPs and not to burn? Obviously, developers make good money on such projects.

How much do the HYIP admins earn, we'll say, but this is definitely a profitable business. That's just to unleash such sites hard, because everyone understands that they can close at any time.

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

What are HYIP and its types?

Description of HYIPs is different everywhere, explaining in simple language, this is an investment service into which they invest money by real people.

The basis for such a project is a special distribution structure. It may be different, and the closest brother of these systems are financial pyramids.

Just do not confuse this word with the expression HYIP in the youth lexicon. There it denotes aggressive advertising, PR.

Hip projects offer really high interest rates, as a rule, this is 15% -100% per month. Many of them are hiding under the guise of honest systems. Allegedly, money is accepted for trading in binary options, betting, deposits in cryptocurrency, and so on.

In fact, some of the funds from new investors go to paying those who invested earlier, and the developers take the rest.

HYIP users sooner or later face the fact that they are closing. This happens all the time, but the lifespan of these systems is their main distinguishing feature. Conventionally, we divide them into 3 categories:

  1. Short-term - they can work for less than a month, and interest rates are offered maximum. It is extremely difficult to get a payout from here, it is better to avoid them.
  2. Medium-term - they work from six months to a year, they bring stable income in the amount of 10% -30%. Many consider them an ideal option for making money on HYIPs.
  3. Long-term - it is easier to withdraw money from such HYIPs, some of them have been working for years. As a rule, there are restrictions on payments (referrals are required). Due to this, and provided payments.

The first type of HYIP is suitable only for the creators of such sites. The second is risky, but not so much. You use long-term HYIPs with virtually no risks, but there is minimal interest and you often need to become a partner, otherwise you will not see the money.

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

How to make money on HYIPs?

The niche is popular and wide, there are a lot of people in it, but everyone chooses their own type of income. Someone wins, someone loses, so you need to consider all the options in advance and decide for yourself what is more suitable:

  1. Creating the HYIP - obviously that this method remains virtually no risk. Unless the project will be hacked and the collected funds will be stolen. Admins of these resources choose different strategies, it all depends on the lifetime of the site. In most cases, the required amount is reached and the service simply evaporates.
  2. Investments in HYIPs - you can earn money on them, but this is too risky. After making a deposit, new details are beginning to emerge, interest rates are falling, payments have to wait for a long time. In addition, at any time the playground can nestle. As a rule, only those who managed to register immediately after the start win.
  3. Affiliate programs - HYIP developers are interested in attracting new investors and advertising. Therefore, they are ready to share profits with partners. Conditions are often profitable, paying up to 50% of deposits. By the interest rate in the affiliate it is already possible to understand, HYIP is in front of you or not.

As you can already guess, investors lose more than others. Partners have time to withdraw something, and if not, then at least do not invest.

As for the HYIP admins, their earnings may well reach 500,000 rubles a month, here much is decided by the promotion and effectiveness of advertising.

Carefully fraudsters - make money on HYIP projects and new Payeer doublers

Today, earnings on HYIPs 2018 with doublers are actively advertised. A similar wave was several years ago, then we talked about magic wallets.

According to information from scammers, they manage to find some kind of electronic account to which you can send an arbitrary amount and immediately receive 2 times more. Obvious deception, but people are being led on it and send money to intruders.

Moreover, the fraudsters have come up with a new scheme. They say that only amounts up to 50 rubles are doubled from purses.

Call to deceive the creators of these magic wallets. This is another marketing move that allows you to collect small amounts.Do not believe, there are no such accounts, and there will not be any, and this also has an indirect relation to HYIPs.

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

How to make money on HYIP projects - 3 strategies

If you are not afraid of risks, you would like to invest in HYIPs profitably, better stick to one of the strategies. They were developed by experienced users who have been investing in different services over the Internet for several years:

1. Grab and run

The best option for working with short-term HYIPs. The essence is clear by name, you need to invest any amount, wait until at least the minimum interest is calculated and withdraw everything.

Next, the scheme is repeated with another project, you will have to forget about the old one forever. It is advisable to choose new HYIPs, to monitor their appearance.

2. Dogon and reinvestment

The second strategy for making money on HYIPs is suitable for medium-term projects. It also begins, the money is invested, and after the return of their funds, the interest is further invested.

So the money scrolls until the service closes. In order not to remain completely without profit, order payments at least once a month.

3. Watch and choose

Only not many are willing to risk their savings, so long-term HYIPs are most interesting.

To accurately repel yours and get something on top, track interesting projects, read reviews, communicate with their users. Below we present the HYIPs that pay and are suitable for this strategy.

Regardless of tactics, you need to be extremely careful and understand that HYIPs are not stable and sometimes not honest projects. Although depositors earn money in them, they constantly have to fear for their money.

Therefore, it is better to be content with small and when calculating any profit, try to derive everything.

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

How to choose a HYIP project for earnings?

It all depends on the chosen strategy, if priority is given to a small profit in a short time, It is worth finding any monitoring of HYIPs and investing only in new projects.

However, two other strategies are more preferable in order to select services for their use, you need to rely on the following factors:

  1. Study of the project.

Start with your own site assessment, how it is developed, what features are offered, look at the design. It is obvious that when a lot of money is invested in the development of a site, it has more chances to turn into a long-term HYIP.

  1. Interest rates.

If a profit of 30% per month is proposed, this should be alarming. Either not all funds will be available for withdrawal, or this is a short-term HYIP. Even with effective advertising, administrators of such projects will not be able to bear the costs of payments for a long time.

  1. Duration of work.

Do not trust the indicators presented on the sites. Check when the site domain was registered. The data may not be real, but admins intentionally overstate the numbers to get more attention.

  1. Support Service.

It should be responsive, and check it out is easy. Contacts must be presented, ask any questions, evaluate the quality of communication and the speed of receipt of answers.

  1. Reviews of the site.

Be careful, they are often fake or bought. If you have chosen any forum, look for messages from experienced users (who have left many other messages on this forum).

In general, you need to carry out all the same actions as when choosing any site to invest or earn money on the Internet. Take into account, reducing risks to zero will not work for you anyway, how well a HYIP would be done, it will not be possible to determine the time for its closure.

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

HYIPs that pay, my choice

The Worksion blog periodically publishes reviews on various HYIPs. If they close or stop paying, the material is immediately updated and the links are removed.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to monitor all services, and it will take too much money to check them. Therefore, it was decided to stay on the games with the withdrawal of money.

These projects come with or without pay limits. When restrictions are set, they are allowed to withdraw no more than 40% of the invested funds.

To get the rest, you have to attract referrals. Such games are stable and some work for more than 5 years. In many ways, they are similar to ordinary financial pyramids.

The second type of games that do not use payment points and any CashPoint is already a frank HYIP. There the money is distributed among the participants and for a long time they cannot work.

Interest rates are reduced, and even if more than 30% is indicated, do not believe it. Only half will go to the conclusion, the rest will go to the account for reinvestment.

Monitoring and reviewing the best HYIPs that pay

Some experienced moneymakers to the question whether it is possible to make money on the HYIPs clearly answer "No". We do not support their opinion, because we ourselves work with some such projects. Now it’s only economic games, and the most interesting of them :

  1. - you buy cars and fulfill orders. The maximum yield per month is 33%, there are payment points (passenger account).
  2. - robots generate energy to exchange for money. Yield up to 38% per month, also used CashPoints.
  3. - the dwarves mine ore for sale. For one and a half thousand days the site has paid more than 60 million rubles. Points are also used here.
  4. -developments on eggs, bought birds carry them. Referrals can be obtained from the system, then there will be no problems with payment points.
  5. - there are no payment points, sell eggs, withdraw money. You can start even without investments, but the activation of payments requires a deposit of at least 10 rubles.
  6. is the only game translated into 7 languages. Income comes from the sale of tea leaves. Over the years, the participants paid nearly 70 million rubles to the participants.
  7. is another young project where money is collected through established enterprises. Start available without investment.

With all these projects, we receive payments consistently. They work, offer favorable conditions, especially for partners.

If you choose from working hyips for 2018, then economic games are more interesting. They have at least some functionality and sometimes it becomes really interesting.

How much do they earn on HYIPs?

Admins get the biggest profit, investors who manage to withdraw money receive the indicated percentages. We are ready to present you with real statistics of the partner.

On HYIP, affiliate programs are profitable, so we recommend making money on referrals. Here are the general statistics of income from the game Super Birds:

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

On this site, a 4-level ref. a system that allows you to earn not only on investors, but also on active partners.

Good deductions also come from the TaxiMoney game, besides here active partners can improve their skills to increase the percentage of deductions. Another example of statistics:

How to make money on HYIPs (HYIP) - strategies, projects

Internet investment through HYIP projects is gaining momentum, and projects in this niche are becoming more interesting. It is pleasantly pleased with the fact that more long-term HYIPs are created, which are designed for a long term, and people really get good money from them.

Tips for making money on HYIPs

There are lots of other ways to make money on the Internet, you need to properly assess risks and other nuances if you choose HYIPs. Can I make money on them? Yes, but it is not so simple.

One should be well-versed in a niche and listen to the recommendations of experienced moneymakers:

  • all money allocated for investments should not be “urgent”. Simply put, invest something with which you can give up without big losses;
  • never take loans and do not borrow money for investments, the risks of getting lost will not disappear, and there will be nothing to give later;
  • catch moments to exit projects, sometimes prerequisites appear about it. For example, interest rates are too high;
  • risks need to be diversified, at the same time use different HYIPs. It is better to invest 100 rubles. in 10 projects than 1000 rubles on one site;
  • combine different earning strategies on HYIPs; invest in long, medium and short-term projects;
  • some of the money you plan to invest is worth investing to other areas with minimal risks;
  • it is better not to reinvest the money until you receive the full payment of the invested funds;
  • be sure to use referral programs, sometimes you manage to get more than with interest rates with a small starting capital.

Without a certain experience and knowledge, it’s impossible to make a lot of money on HYIPs. You need to communicate in certain circles, look for real data about the developers and study the opinion of experts. All this helps to increase money, even in such a risky and dubious niche.

Maybe you should dig deeper and run your own project? We have already told how to create a HYIP.

High-yield investments have always attracted a lot of attention, but they also often led people to lose money. Earn on HYIPs can, the main thing is to choose the appropriate strategy and learn how to identify scam.

Experienced moneymakers only by looking at the design and evaluating the statistics on the site and domain can determine the approximate life of a project.

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