How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

"Aliexpress" is the most popular online store that allows residents of different countries and regions to purchase Chinese goods at the lowest prices.

It is not a secret that entrepreneurs who sell cheaply purchased goods in stationary stores often make purchases on the website with a certain markup. Today, millions of people shop at Aliexpress. Do you know that with the help of this store you can earn good money?

Work on the Internet at home is a great job with a lot of advantages (work on the Internet, why does everyone strive for this?). Each user who wants to combine daily pastime in the network with a regular income, looking for all sorts of ways to make money, and often, this choice stops at the popular Chinese site - Aliexpress.

How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

How to make money on "Aliexpress" without investments

You can earn money in different ways, but today we will look at the most relevant and win-win option - earnings on the Aliexpress partner program.

Many online stores selling products online have an affiliate link, and the Chinese website Aliexpress is no exception. What is it done for? The fact is that every business owner in the virtual space is very interested in large sales, bringing a huge income. To accomplish this goal and used affiliate links.

And now a little more detail: Aliexpress is not a simple online store, thousands of different sellers work here and many of them offer similar products. Each of them wants to sell their products, but how to attract the attention of a potential buyer, who can always order an identical thing from a competitor?

Affiliate programs are created with the aim of attracting people to the product catalog by distributing advertising. This is done by people who want to get a decent income on the Internet without investment. With the help of affiliate links you can advertise products with Aliexpress, earning on sales. From each transaction a certain percentage is credited (on average, 7-12%).

Many people wonder - why should a seller of goods share income with unauthorized persons? The answer is simple! This amount, provided for payment for affiliate links, is already embedded in the product, that is, a true merchant of Chinese things does not lose anything, but, on the contrary, considers profit from sales in large volumes!

How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

Earnings on Aliexpress - how to become a partner?

You can start a partnership with the Aliexpress website in the following ways:

  1. Start working on the official partner program "Aliexpress".
  2. Do the same on the Russian version - (analog).

Most users from the CIS countries choose earnings from EPN affiliate links. This choice is determined by the following criteria: the Russian version;

  • there are many offers on the resource for additional income on the network;
  • fast money withdrawal on the most favorable terms;
  • affiliate programs.
  • So, if you have already decided on the desire to start working with Aliexpress and have found profitable affiliate programs at EPN. BZ, we propose to study in detail the instructions for implementation in this system.

    1. New users need to register on the site. Here we simply indicate our personal data.
    2. Next, go to the "Tools" section.
    3. How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

    4. Select "Affiliate Link".
    5. How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

    6. In the open frame we see a column - a link to any page, here you need to insert a link with the selected item to Aliexpress. Automatically, the program converts the entered link into an affiliate.
    7. Now we copy the new link and distribute it - on our page on the social network, on any forum, in groups, etc. Your goal is to convey information to users. With each sale of this product you will be transferred money (given percentage).

    Now we offer to explore other "Tools" on the EPN website. Bz. This will allow you to better understand the new work and explore a range of additional features.

    1. DeepLink is a tool that allows you to activate an affiliate link to more than one product, but to a whole product catalog from the selected category. This link will play in your favor! The fact is that sooner or later the selected product can be sold, and the created affiliate link will transfer users to a blank page with the inscription "error". If you reserve a link to a whole group of products from the site, such an oversight can be avoided!
    2. Banners are a profitable opportunity to advertise products on personal blogs and websites (owners of popular websites on the network usually use this tool).
    3. Coupons are a great way to attract a buyer with a discount on goods.By creating a link with such a coupon, you will provide an inflow of regular customers, because everyone wants to buy the necessary product at the best price! The main purpose is to offer certain products using traffic.
    4. Mobile CPA - the tool is in demand from the owners of their own sites. Allows you to create advertising offers (not products) with Aliexpress to the mobile version.
    5. Products - an informative rubric that allows each user of the affiliate program to enter the control of demanded goods.
    6. Landing Constructor - necessary for creating your own landing page.
    7. Attracting referrals (referral links) - attracting other users who also want to earn by Aliexpress. With their sales, you will be charged additional interest. This tool allows you to build a unique system that brings passive income!
    8. Plug-in - allows you to create affiliate links even without going to the EPN website. Bz.
    9. How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

    10. Other tools are designed to create a partner store on "Aliexpress".

    How to increase earnings on Aliexpress using YouTube?

    Earnings from $ 50 on Aliexpress is completely real! Get the maximum profit from this resource will help popular video hosting - YouTube. How to do it right, we will tell now!

    First of all, you need to create your own channel on YouTube. We recommend choosing the English version, as foreigners are more solvent, which means your profit will reach the most decent limits.

    You need to create video clips on this channel in English. If you do not speak perfectly foreign, you can make scenes without voice accompaniment. To eliminate total silence, which clearly does not attract the audience, we suggest creating background music and captions (you can use the online translator to create them).

    What videos need to be created?

    If you have already decided to work with Aliexpress, then the videos should be thematic. Simply put, you need to do a high-quality video review of goods from Aliexpress.

    Many channel owners on video hosting make money on someone else's YouTube videos by uploading finished stories to their channel. You can also take advantage of this idea, but we advise you to create your own videos, which will allow you to avoid rough plagiarism and further problems regarding copyright infringement. There is also a high probability of blocking the channel.

    How to make money on goods from aliexpress using Youtube?

    How to attract the attention of users and achieve success?

    In order for your channel to become popular with the audience, we recommend choosing a certain subject. For example - mobile phones. Create video reviews in the chosen direction. Aliexpress is always a large selection of phones of different models, so there will be many ideas for creativity. When choosing a topic, pay attention to the products in which you understand.

    For example, it will be easier for women to advertise (make a video review) cosmetics, clothing, children's goods, jewelry, etc. Men can pick up relevant areas focused on the interests of the strong half - fishing accessories, sports equipment, technical devices, etc.

    How to increase revenue on YouTube?

    For maximum benefit, you can create several channels at once on various topics. The more goods you will advertise, the greater will be the level of sales from which you will be able to receive regular profits. Also, do not forget that you have a great opportunity to earn money by watching a video.

    To attract an audience to your channel make a highly efficient optimization:

    • think carefully about the name of the video, because this is the first thing that video hosting viewers pay attention to; 46> it is necessary to add a tempting description to the catchy title (briefly, but interestingly).

    What is the relationship between the EPN affiliate links. BZ and video reviews from the YouTube channel?

    In order to receive income from the sale of goods on Aliexpress, it is imperative to place referral links under the created video on the YouTube channel. This can be done in the description itself, better at the top, so that the user must pay attention to it. You can make 2-3 links in a row at once.

    Many users also create annotations that appear on the screen in pop-up windows. It is better to write a call to action, that is, to make a certain signature that will be of interest to the public. Such an action will allow to lure not only users who watch videos from a PC or laptop, but also owners of mobile phones and tablets (the usual annotation is not viewed from these devices).

    When creating annotations, correctly choose the location for the placement so that the pop-up window does not close the main overview of the video plot. Better to do it from the side, in the middle.

    Affiliate programs for earnings is a great way to get regular income in a comfortable home environment. YouTube channel is the best assistant in this business. But how to make your channel visited?

    To promote a new channel on a popular video hosting service, try to promote the created video to the top similar stories. For this purpose, we recommend installing vipIQ (google chrome extension) on your PC.

    This program is activated after registration. This is easy to do: the user enters the e-mail data, comes up with a password and login to access the site. In this extension, you can learn about the rating of video clips, read statistics of requests, views and much more. To promote the channel, you will be issued special keys.

    In order for the chosen field of employment to bring the expected income, intelligently create video reviews. As an example, we recommend to watch this video.

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