How to make money on freelancing from 15 000 rubles?

It is necessary not only to be interested in remote work, but to undertake its implementation and test your skills in practice.

Now it’s easy to start making money online, the demand is so high that even beginners can easily pick up orders . However, professionalism and work experience affects income.

How to make money on freelancing from 15 to 100 000 rubles? Many people underestimate remote work, believing that it is not capable of bringing really big money.

A regular freelancer starting from scratch can achieve tremendous success , and for this he will need to constantly increase his income.

How to make money on freelancing from 15 000 rubles?

Earnings Levels of Freelancers

We remind our readers that the best exchange where you will find vacancies for remote earnings and many individual orders is this.

Every day hundreds of new offers are added there, and how much you can earn depends only on the activity.

Now let's consider what a freelancer can achieve:

  1. Earnings on freelancing up to 15 000 rubles. In principle, you can not complicate your life and not try to beat orders on the stock exchanges. To receive less than 15,000 rubles, you can work on the best mailers. There are many small orders there, such as register or join a group. As for freelancing, there you will definitely earn more.
  2. Earnings on freelancing from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. The average earnings of most novice freelancers. It is possible to collect the average salary in the regions, performing various orders. Most users who are on this level of income, earn on copywriting. Often, many remain with such profitability, not wanting to grow.
  3. Earnings on freelancing from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. This level is also available to copywriters, but only when the base of regular customers is installed and there are all the necessary skills. According to statistics, such money is received by freelancers who work 2-3 years. If you can not make an income of more than 30 thousand rubles, fill in the portfolio, be more active, ask to leave feedback.
  4. Earnings on freelancing from 50 to 75 thousand rubles. Many professionals from more complex areas are moving to this level. So that you understand that freelancing can bring such money, imagine that the optimizer takes on the promotion of 4 sites and for each he is paid 15,000 rubles a month. These are not the highest rewards.
  5. Earnings on freelancing from 75 to 100 thousand rubles. Only professionals are able to earn over 75 thousand in freelancing. Experts from complex areas, for example, programmers. It is advisable not only to choose a profitable niche, where demand is several times higher than the offer, but also to develop a unique selling proposition (why should they apply to you).
  6. Earnings on freelancing more than 100 000 rubles. For freelancing to bring in more than 100 thousand, you need to become an entrepreneur. Gather a team of artists and become a project manager. Receive applications, distribute work, get a large share of the pie. In the future, think about opening your own web-studio or a service to provide any services.

If in ordinary work, moving up the career ladder depends a lot on the authorities, then in the field of freelancing, everything is in the hands of the employee himself. Want to get more? Take it and do it.

How to make money on freelancing from 15 000 rubles?

You can earn a lot in freelancing, but in order to achieve at least something you have to work a lot and actively. Are you ready for this? At least, everyone can count on a profit in the region of 20-30 thousand rubles, and it is quite possible to live on this money.

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