How to make money on coupon sites, products, profitability

Many users have built a successful career on online sales. It is easier to find buyers online, the audience is huge, and advertising is accompanied by huge reach. At the same time, marketers in the network have a lot of tools and tricks to help attract crowds of new customers.

Earnings on coupon sites, how to start and how much is it profitable? An interesting topic, as the attendance of sites with coupons rolls over.

Is it profitable for sellers to sell products at a discount? Believe me, if it was not profitable, they would never have taken advantage of it. On coupon sites, businessmen themselves create offers, these are not stock bases.

How to make money on coupon sites, products, profitability

What to sell on coupon sites?

To start earning with coupon sites, you need to search for goods. It is advisable to offer something locally, i.e., without mailing, because it is suspicious. People so do not always trust coupons, and if they are also offered something to order on the Internet, they can simply refuse.

The first and best option is own production (provision of services). Think what you could do with your own hands.

For example, frameless furniture (pear chair) is now in trend. Fillers are sold anywhere and are not expensive. Cases can be sewed by yourself or also buy (order from Moscow, there are great offers).

The second option to find a product to sell it through coupon sites is mediation. Again, with the help of the Internet you can find great deals in your city. Visit some wholesale bases, companies that have few customers and do not have a website. Arrange a sale with them.

One of my friends earned money on coupon sites selling alloy wheels for cars. He agreed with a large base, from which the goods were later transferred to stores. Their prices were low, so such sales were profitable.

You won’t earn big money unless you pick the best products. Be interested in trends and fashion, find out what is in demand now. You have a search engine and social networks, this is enough to understand what people exactly will pay attention. Also evaluate the benefits of the offer, because you still have to provide a large discount.

In this regard, everything is simple, you take the purchase price, add to it 40% -50% and make a discount of 20% -30%. For example, you buy an orthopedic mattress of 2000 rubles each, you write that it costs 5700, and you take 2500 rubles from the buyer, ostensibly for the duration of the transaction:

How to make money on coupon sites, products, profitability

Retail sales are always more profitable than wholesale, therefore, the difference in price can be accurately found. It is advisable to get involved in large-scale production and look for friends in warehouses. If you start your own production, you need to focus on the quantity.

Website creation - mandatory step

It’s impossible to sell and not to have your own website. Some companies work without a website, it is also possible. Without what you can not do, so it is without formalizing your business. Coupon sites only work with legal entities for security reasons.

The ideal option is to open an online store and formalize it . We have already told how to open the PI online, use the step by step instructions. Plus, the provision of discounts and promotions will help promote your own brand. In the future, it will help to increase profits.

As for the site, it will not work to open it without some knowledge. Do not want to understand all this? Not a problem, you can turn to professionals. Through the stock exchange is easy to contact with competent developers. The price is discussed individually, usually it starts from 5-10 thousand rubles:

How to make money on coupon sites, products, profitability

Here you can evaluate the portfolio, read reviews and individually communicate with a freelancer. It is much more profitable than ordering website development from web studios.

Your own online store is a serious matter, without it you can not start making money with coupon sites. Everything is not so simple, but on the other hand, this reduces competition. Go to any coupon site, there are not many offers, especially for small cities.

Placing goods on coupon sites

The procedure for adding products to sites with coupons may differ slightly. Basically, this is filling out the form and the subsequent verification of data. Employees of companies must check the application, otherwise their own reputation will be in question. Therefore, it is better not to even try to deceive someone, it is unlikely to succeed:

How to make money on coupon sites, products, profitability

Prepare an effective image, a bright title, make a qualitative description. Millions of people will see your offer, so you need to make an effort when you make a coupon. It is better to place it immediately on all coupon sites , only this way it will be possible to reach the maximum audience:

These are the most popular sites with coupons, with a total audience of over 100 million users. Further it is necessary only to wait, when orders will begin to arrive.

They will be processed by a coupon site, the money you get is guaranteed, there are no risks for businessmen here. And if you also have a website, there will be a chance that coupon buyers will peek at it again.

With coupon sites, earnings are available only to legal entities. The main pitfall, although on the other hand, there is reason to think about opening a full-fledged business. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will get the status of an entrepreneur. At the very least, you will have a real deal with which you can develop.

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