How to make money on Cafepress? | Workion. ru

Many different ways of earning come to us from burzhunet. Businessmen copy them, but offer a reduced payment, because our prices are very different.

That is why it is beneficial to cooperate with foreign resources. Even if you do not know English well, this is not a problem.

Open your Cafepress T-shirt shop and earn money on sales. This method is similar to earnings on VseMayki. There, too, you can create your products, offering a unique design and getting a percentage of the sale.

It is more profitable to work, because foreigners are shopping there, and they are laying out more money for purchases.

How to make money on Cafepress? | Workion. ru

The scheme of earnings here is not complicated. The system offers a simple designer so that you can create your own products.

The choice is wide, so the designer has something to swing. We'll have to come up with really interesting design options, otherwise among the competitors you just can not "survive."

You do not need to pay for opening your store (although there is a tariff with advanced settings, which costs $ 5 per month). The company is engaged in the production of not only T-shirts, there are mugs, sweatshirts, pictures, stickers on cars and much more.

After registration, you need to select a product:

How to make money on Cafepress? | Workion. ru

The site contains templates without design and prices are below them. For example, a flask for $ 24. 99, can be used to create an original product.

You set your price for this product (more than $ 25), but remember that a very overpriced price can scare off buyers. Also, the system takes 10% of its net profit.

Cafepress still has an affiliate program, but it is available only to Americans.

After choosing any product, you will enter the constructor. There you need to add logos to the selected product. PNG is best used, but JPEG is also accepted. The constructor is simple, turn on the translator in the browser and easily understand the interface:

How to make money on Cafepress? | Workion. ru

You can add an image to at least the entire product, even in a small area. There are not so many settings, you can upload a picture, add text and select its color.

In the work area, you can stretch the image, resize, rotate it, and so on. When you create a design, press the " I'm finished " button and the product will be instantly put up for sale:

How to make money on Cafepress? | Workion. ru

Now you can start selling. The site Cafepress comes a huge audience, among them may be your customers. To increase sales, it is better to advertise products.

Unfortunately, the Russian language is not here, so you have to advertise on a foreign Internet. To do this, you can use any foreign advertising network (for example,). If there is no money, try running ads on.

Payments can be received by checks and to a PayPal account. They are held every 60 days, since 30 days is given to the customer for the possibility of returning the goods.

It will be extremely difficult to bypass competitors on this site, because they have been working there for a long time. The best way to entice customers is to come up with something interesting.

Ideal for current news and all sorts of trends.
You can see what is in trend and on the basis of this come up with an interesting design.

Earnings Tips at Cafepress

If you decide to turn this service into a stable source of profit, you will have to make serious efforts. Due to the high competition, getting a lot of money is hard, and our recommendations will surely come in handy:

  • look for design ideas in social networks (for example, popular memes);
  • create forums and blogs , at Cafepress the sellers have such an opportunity;
  • orient to foreign buyers, because the prices here are high for the Runet;
  • try to make each product interesting, this will attract the attention of buyers;
  • to achieve frequent sales, you need to work a lot and constantly upload something new;
  • when opening your store, choose e name that matches the topic;
  • it’s best to define one direction for yourself (politics, girls, cars);
  • when adding goods, do not forget to make a description and also add tags;
  • discounts help boost sales, and at Cafepress they are easy to run.

Immediately do not even hope for a large profit, because besides waiting for payments within 60 days, you will also have to deal with promotion and marketing.

Is it worth trying to make money with Cafepress? It’s certainly worth it, but only if you are sure that you can create something unusual and creative. Think over each idea and create what people want to buy.

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