How to make money on android applications and IOS?

The current niche that is currently developing is mobile devices and mobile Internet.

Various applications and programs for phones, tablets and other devices constantly appear on the network, the developers of which want to achieve popularity.

Anyone who already uses such devices can download as many applications as they want and even make money on it.

How to make money on Andrid and IOS? With a mobile device, you can earn money, regardless of the installed operating system.

Even if you don’t have Android and no iOS, you can go to special sites and complete tasks. All this we will describe in this article and of course, we will present the best projects.

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Earnings on the Internet from the phone and tablet

There is a special system through which you will download for free various applications, as well as to give them high marks, getting paid for it. The scheme is very simple, the developers distribute the application and achieve popularity, and the performers earn money.

This project is called, and after registering on it, you will receive various notifications about the possibility to receive money. Some applications will be paid, but they will be transferred to you without money to perform cheating.

Based on this, you will not only get money, but also become the owner of a quality program, absolutely free.

There are two types of tasks on Apprating:

  • simple application download;
  • program download and writing a review.

Naturally, they pay more for reviews, but the administration notes that you need to leave competent comments. Make up at least 10-15 words so that your review doesn’t look like it’s screwed up. Also, do not delete the downloaded applications immediately, leave them for some time.

All programs are downloaded from Google Play, and before they are added, they are checked, so you should not worry about the fact that they will offer you to download a malicious application.

As for payment, it may be different:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

It is not difficult to carry out such tasks. When you click on one of the offers, you will be given a special link, click on it and download the application from Google Play.

After that, launch the program (game) and, if necessary, leave a review on Google Play. It remains to return to the task and click "Check", after which you will immediately be charged.

Payments can be ordered from the website or the installed program on your mobile. It will take a minimum of 50 rubles to apply. Money can be obtained on the balance of the phone or wallet.

Use all the ways you can earn money to get as much money as possible on the Internet. The only disadvantage of Apprating is not the frequent appearance of new offers , but the project is still developing, and the number of advertisers is constantly growing.

Earnings on Android

Naturally, this is not the only application that helps you earn money from your phone or tablet. There are a lot of analogues, such as. This application is for earning money on Android, it cannot be used from iPhones.

The essence remains the same, after its installation, registration is required, and immediately after it you can see the list of available games and programs for paid download:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Open all of them in turn sentences and see exactly what needs to be done. This can be not only installation, but also writing a positive comment with the installation of 5 stars.

When the order specifies two requirements, the payment rises, and you just need to click on the actions, perform them and return to the program where it says that you have done everything:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Now they pay for the installation up to 6 rubles, and for positive reviews up to 10 rubles. You can get this money on the balance of your phone or Webmoney wallet. To order a payment, you need to go to the "Balance" section.

Money is received within 5 banking days, although in practice, they come in a few hours:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

The program is quality, and the project administration actively attracts new advertisers, so that the performers receive the maximum offers. Bentley is not exactly making money here, but you can save money on mobile communications, to the extent that you don’t have to throw money on the phone at all.

Earnings on IOS

For all owners of Apple devices, the app is suitable for earning on IOS (although it can be installed on Android).

It works in a similar way, you should have no difficulties, so download it and run it. By the way, it collected a lot more installations and positive reviews.

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

The interface here is simple and intuitive. New and active tasks are available in the main menu.When you go to them, you will see a list of offers, as well as remuneration amounts.

When you open one of the tasks, you will also see the requirements and you can go on to download from iTunes (or Google Play if from Android):

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

This application is for Making money on IOS differs from its analogs by a wide choice of ways to withdraw it. Also here offers appear much more often, which provides an increased income.

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Earnings on Android and IOS

You won’t make much money from one application, so it makes sense to download a bunch of different programs and use online services. Now, to earn some money from the phone, many different projects have been created.

We present you TOP applications and websites for earning money on Android and IOS:

  1. is another good company offering its program. Earnings on installing Android and IOS applications are not the only opportunities for clients. Here you can perform tasks from the computer and through the social network Vkontakte. Payments come on the phone, Webmoney or QIWI.
  2. - a project was created to improve behavioral factors, but now there are many other tools on it. Register and start installing applications from a special section. For downloading the game and writing a review you will pay 10 rubles.
  3. is an unusual application, since it will be required to send a photo of the tasks. You may be asked to take a picture of laundry detergent or your own room. Points are added to the balance, which can then be transferred to PayPal or spent on discounts at Amazon.
  4. - another interesting application from one of the most popular news channels. If you witnessed some interesting event, reach for the phone and start shooting. For interesting news and exclusive shots you can get a few thousand rubles.
  5. Wmmail is a click sponsor that can be accessed from any device. The tasks are simple, and sometimes even pay for the installed programs to earn money on IOS or Android. When do all the tasks with downloads of games and programs, try to take on the remaining tasks.
  6. Binomo is a serious broker offering its mobile application for trading binary options. For beginners, it is better not to take it, everything is too difficult. If you are ready to learn and take risks, look for 10 dollars and place bets on Forex. In just a day, you can earn even $ 1000.
  7. - the largest selection of ways to make money is available in this application. On Android, they earn by leaving reviews, likes on social networks, making reposts and watching videos. While the program is only available on Google Play, but the developers promise to release a version for iPhones.
  8. - go to this site at any time from your mobile devices and perform light tasks on cheating on social networks. First, you need to connect your accounts, and then as often as possible go to the site, so as not to miss the job. Dial 50 rubles and bring to the phone or in other ways.

These projects are enough to use your mobile device as profitably as possible.

Use the Whaff project abroad, you can also earn there by downloading applications on Android, and the payment will be charged for each day of their stay on the device.

Earn on Android will be able to absolutely everything, but for iPhone and iPad now more and more interesting applications are being developed. Use all the systems presented and be able to collect good amounts.

How to make money on Android by viewing ads?

To watch ads on your mobile and get paid for it, you can use any mailers (surfing, writing), but this is not so convenient. Developed a special application that opens ads when you unblock ads, after an incoming call, or when you receive an SMS.

You can download it on the Globus Inter website, you will also need to register there in order to be authorized in the application. Advertising appears arbitrarily, for which money is charged. Everything is very simple, and you can withdraw your money to PayPal or Webmoney wallet:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Viewing ads for money on Android is not so profitable, so the company offers an affiliate program. Advertise their application and will receive 10% of replenishments by advertisers. As for performers, here the percentage of income comes from 7 levels:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Many people want to make money by viewing ads from the phone, so finding people is not difficult. Through the mobile application, you can go to the "Team" section and use the invitation function:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Any method of attracting new participants is allowed, so we recommend that you look at the article where you can find ways to recruit referrals.If you are lucky and you invite active partners who gain many referrals, the income will increase without your participation.

Earnings on Android through social networks

From mobile devices, all people go to social. network. On your accounts, you can earn money using cheating. If you are ready to join groups, like and subscribe to other people for money, this type of income suits you.

On the site

many tasks are available and there is a program for earning without investing with Android.

The service has recently appeared an official application and now with its help you can conveniently perform tasks in the social. networks. First you need to log in, then you get into the menu. From it you can go to the "Earn" section, where the available orders are presented:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

It is as easy to complete tasks as on the website. They appear often, even if the list is empty, just press the "Refresh" button several times and an available job will appear. First, when you run, a page opens with a link, click, then you do the specified action and click "Finish":

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Money is immediately charged, the most profitable orders for reposts and group memberships Vkontakte (bring up to 50 kopecks). When you collect 25 rubles, you can withdraw funds in one of 4 ways:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

In the "Profile" (General) section an affiliate link is available. According to it, you can also attract new members. From their income or expenses, 15% is charged, money goes to the general balance, they can be immediately withdrawn.

You can earn through Android by captcha

The easiest option to earn money from Android (any other OS) is to enter a captcha. To solve the symbols from the pictures, every newbie can do it, but not all systems offer functionality for mobile devices. The service is testing the mobile version, it works fine.

Through any browser on your smartphone, go to the site, register, and then click "Start earning" and under the form to enter the captcha, go to the mobile version:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

You can try to work in the usual form, but it is better to switch to a special version. Due to the use of a mobile device, glitches and crashes are possible, and it is forbidden to make mistakes when entering a captcha. In the mobile version, the interface is even simpler:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

For such simple captchas they pay only a penny, but there are also more complex checks. The earned money is transferred to different payment systems and to phone numbers. Affiliate program is there, invite your friends and get 10% of all expenses and income.

How to make money on Android games?

There are many ways to make money on Android games on the Internet, but some of them are too complicated. For example, they offer to pump Google accounts in games, and then sell them. It will be interesting to play, in this respect everything is interesting, but it will be extremely difficult to find a buyer for such a “product”.

There is one unusual application called "". His rating is good, the reviews are positive. Users are offered to play free games and get tickets for it. They are needed to participate in the sweepstakes, some users receive cash prizes:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

An interesting decision of developers to interest users in their games, but how many win and how often the draws are held is unknown. There are no analogs for this application, some advise to install gambling, but they are prohibited, so we will not talk about it.

It is impossible not to say that you can use money-withdrawal games from mobile devices. Usually they are used from computers, but high-quality projects have long been adapted to mobile devices. There are no applications yet, so you have to use the smartphone browser:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

The game interface is displayed correctly. On this site cars are sold, with them you need to take orders in the city to earn real money. How much each order brings, depends on the value of the car. At the start, you will need small deposits, and if you are not ready for this, earn money for cars in the CLIX section (browsing sites).

How much can you earn on Android?

It all depends on what methods you use and how much time you will spend on work. For example, through the VkTarget application, I earn 10 rubles every day on simple tasks, 300 rubles a month come from one site (excluding income from referrals).

Earnings by downloading apps for Android brings about the same amount, but if you use 5 programs, it’s quite realistic to go for a stable income of 2-3 thousand rubles per month. With the involvement of referrals, incomes increase several times.

Personally, I like the most to play investment games.With a project about a taxi, about which you have just learned, I consistently earn decent money. Here are the statistics of the latest payments:

How to make money on android applications and IOS?

Incomes are not limited by anything, but if you want to receive a lot of money, you should better focus on searching for referrals. Affiliate programs are a real chance to create passive sources of profit through several sites at once.

Earnings on your own Android application

You cannot bypass this type of earnings on Android, because it is even more profitable than all other options. We have already talked about earnings on your mobile application, presented the best ideas and ways to promote. It is not necessary to be a programmer to develop a program or game, you can pay for its creation to professionals.

The price depends on how difficult it is to realize our plans. Think about all the nuances well, and then go on to chat with the developers. Find out from a few freelancers what amount they are willing to take to work. In addition to these costs, will have to spend on attracting users. The following methods are suitable for this:

  1. Advertising in social networks.
  2. Cheat installations (services presented above).
  3. Mobile advertising on sites.
  4. Reciprocal advertising through other applications.
  5. Order advertising with video bloggers on YouTube.

It usually takes more money to advertise than to develop an application (if it’s not complicated). The exact amount can not be called, but you have to spend a lot of money to promote your game or program.

How much can you earn by creating a game for Android?

If you don’t engage in promotion, then not at all. Revenues of developers of popular applications in the millions. The spread in profits is very large, and they get money from their games and programs in different ways:

  • due to paid features;
  • selling the application;
  • placing ads in it;
  • game purchases.

In many ways, the income from the Android game depends on its popularity. Therefore, you need to actively invest in the promotion, forgetting about profit. When the number of users is large, it will be possible to start monetization.

Try to turn your gadget into a tool for mining money, you don't need serious skills for this, and many services have been invented for this. Even on the way to work or at lunchtime, you can easily earn some money. At the very least, you will forget about the cost of mobile communications.

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