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wifisale system. ru opens for you the possibility of earning money on your own home Wi-Fi access point!

Always, all users of home access points tried to close them as far as possible from prying eyes so that no one could access them.

And now, do exactly the opposite! Open your access point to neighbors, friends and acquaintances. We are not saying that it is necessary to remove passwords and distribute free of charge the purchased and paid access to the Internet via an unlimited dedicated channel. Not! Register your access point in the wifisale system. ru and get the password generated by the system. Register it in your access point, and we will sell your channel at the price you specified!

When your neighbors saw the available networks, they will get the address of your access point on the page with the option to pay and receive a password. Having paid for access with any e-currency, they will get access to the Internet, and you will earn on it!

Yes, first they will need another, third-party access to the Internet to connect and pay for access. It is possible to create an electronic wallet and replenish it through the payment terminals. But this is only once. Later, the user, having paid access for the next week or month, will receive in advance by e-mail new passwords.

To disconnect users who have not paid for access, it is necessary to change passwords every week on Mondays, as well as on the 1st day of each month. That's all that your work will consist of.

Earn an additional 25% of the commission of the system from any user (referral) involved by you.

Register and start making money on your home Wi-Fi access point!

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