How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Cryptocurrencies have long reached social networks. This is a great symbiosis of current projects, which can also be profitable.

Users mine digital coins in various ways. In this article we decided to share an unusual and interesting method - working with a robot.

Telegram bot - free tokens for completing assignments consistently translate to participants, positive responses .

A team of experienced professionals launched a robot in Telegram to automate the system with tasks in social. networks. Orders are created by advertisers, users do the simplest work.

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

What is RKT8?

This is a Telegram bot that allows you to make money without investments. An interesting idea of ​​a crypto blogger Sergey Rada interested a huge audience.

It has long been leading its YouTube channel; you can draw useful information from there. In particular, he was engaged in analyzing the course of Bitcoin, various ICO and investment instruments.

At the moment, tasks are performed only on the 3rd social networks through the robot, but soon new ones will be added.

A fresh idea is also related to making a profit, but without investments. Telegram robot RKT8 allows you to get the same tokens for performing elementary actions. For this pages in social networks are used:

  1. Telegrams - subscriptions to channels and joining chat rooms.
  2. Vkontakte - subscriptions, comments, likes.
  3. YouTube - view videos, subscriptions, likes and comments.

Call this method of social mining. Just do not confuse this with the Bounty programs, here customers use RKT8 tokens to pay for their assignments.

While the bot is not strongly promoted, but everything changes, moreover, the coins gradually grow in value. At the moment, the rate of RKT8 has already reached $ 4. 5.

Earnings Pros with RKT8

The innovative project attracted a lot of attention and gathered a lot of positive feedback from the crypto community. Some advantages of earning RKT8 cryptocurrency are obvious, working with this bot you get:

  • the opportunity to make money on the Internet without investments;
  • easy money for simple tasks;
  • tokens that are gradually increasing in price;
  • dividends for RKT8 hold-currency;
  • the project is gaining momentum; it is becoming more popular;
  • tokens are already available for trading on the stock exchange;
  • detailed procedure for completing assignments;
  • only a Telegram account is required for the start;
  • contests and promotions are regularly held;
  • here you can e do order fulfillment of their tasks;
  • 10 tier affiliate program
  • will soon add learning different ways of earnings.

The only thing that is not very happy is the small number of instructions. Still, the project has not yet become mega popular, advertisers are few. Also of the shortcomings - there is a limit on withdrawal.

You can order transfers only after dialing a minimum of 18 tokens. Not everyone has the patience for it.

What do you need to work with a bot?

As already mentioned, you will definitely need a profile in Telegram. But besides this, it is better to immediately prepare for the withdrawal of tokens. To do this, you must register your Waves wallet.

A coin was created on this platform, and you can download the wallet through the official website:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

There is an online version, but it is not so secure. Therefore, we recommend that you download the program. After registration, you will be provided with the address, it will need to be presented to the bot.

You can then exchange the tokens from the wallet on the same platform, but we'll tell about it separately below.

How to start earning with the RKT8 bot?

The robot for assignments is set to Telegrams. To activate it, go to RKT8 and set the command / start. You will immediately receive a greeting, and below is the main menu for convenient bot management:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

As soon as new tasks are added to the system, messages arrive in the chat about this. You will observe the title, a description of how many orders need to be executed and how much RKT8 tasks are paid for:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

In this case, the reward is 0. 07 RKT8. Now you can read descriptions and follow links for execution.

Only watching a video takes some time, the rest of the instructions will take no more than 2 minutes (such as a subscription or a like). To get started, you need to click the "Run" button:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Next, perform the specified actions, return to the chat and press the "Next Task" button. So do each step in turn and get rewarded.

Remember, when you press the "Run" button, tasks start to arrive one at a time. When orders run out, you need to wait for new arrivals.

Course - the price of RKT8 tokens

Actual quotes are presented on the official Rkt8 website. io.In the sidebar is a block where the rate of the RKT8 against the dollar, ruble and main cryptocurrencies is presented. Most recently, the cost of the token was only $ 1, and now (today, November 1, 2018) it has risen to $ 4. 5:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Judging by the progressive development of the robot and expert opinion, the quote will continue to move in a positive direction.

Therefore, it is better not to rush to get rid of coins, especially since their holders receive dividends for hold. The amounts are small, however, coupled with the growth rate of RKT8, this provides an increased income.

Exchange with RKT8 support

You will not find RKT8 on. Tokens are not so popular yet, however, they can be changed using the exchange on the Waves platform.

The developers have long established their own stock exchange, and it is decentralized. Go to, there is a detailed description of the project.

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

It is possible that the exchange will be useful in the future for exchanging other cryptocurrencies, it has certain advantages. All known coins are supported, and most importantly, RKT8 has been added to the listing.

If you download the Waves client, registration will not have to take place, after entering the exchange, use the search form:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Now this token is already available for exchange on Waves, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The interface of this service is no different from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

After selecting a trading pair, a form for opening an order appears in the lower right corner. Select "Sell", specify the number of tokens and cost:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

If there are counter offers from buyers RKT8 on the stock exchange, the order is immediately executed. Otherwise, you have to wait until there is a buyer. In order not to wait, choose someone else's orders, they are presented on the same page:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Choose orders from the first lines, there is the most profitable course. At the same exchange, you can convert cryptocurrencies into dollars in order to make a profit with real money. Fiat money is supported here, 2 balances are made for them - dollars and euros:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Using the "Send" button, you go to a conclusion. First, a window opens to transfer to the address, you need to click on the link "Withdrawal to the bank". After that, a new form will open where you can specify a bank account:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

Thus, you will exchange RKT8 tokens you earned on social mining for real money and get them at least directly to the card. If the USD transfer does not suit you, register on.

Transfer Waves, Bitcoin or Ethereum there, and then change it to rubles or dollars. You can withdraw them in various ways, including e-wallets.

RKT8 robot reviews

Many users managed to get acquainted with the bot distributing tokens for simple tasks.

They not only leave positive reviews under the videos on YouTube and on forums, many post screenshots of their balance. So far, few people boast of huge profits, but the most important thing is that the robot is working:

How to make money in the telegram bot RKT8

In some comments, users indicate that their daily income exceeds 1,000 rubles. Such results can be achieved through a 10-level affiliate program, where 3% of the tokens are charged from each line.

It is impossible to register without a referral link, and given the audience’s interest in the bot, you will definitely find interested people.

While the RKT8 robot is one of a kind, the developers are well-known people in the crypto community, everything works stably, the payouts work. The price of the token grows, along with this increases interest in the bot.

Accordingly, there will soon be many more tasks, plus - this is another coin in which you can safely invest.

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