How to make money by posting videos on their sites

It is high time the Internet has long been considered as a source of huge profits. In the virtual world, really big money is spinning, and everyone can get it. The most effective option is to create your own site, it can be not only a website, but also a group in social networks.

In this article we decided to tell you how to make money by placing video advertisers on your own resources.

This method has appeared relatively recently and is suitable for the monetization of various projects . We have already managed to test it and the results will be presented below.

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

What do you need to make money on publishing videos?

Advertisers are constantly looking for sites on which they can post your promo videos. This method of promotion is used by everyone, starting with the musicians and ending with managers promoting new films. Therefore, they are often asked to place clips or trailers.

Earnings necessarily require a platform, this can be a website, a group in social networks or a mobile application. Services for monetization set different resource requirements.

Most often, the community should have from 15,000 subscribers, and site attendance is not less than 300 hosts per day, but each project is considered individually.

Services with video ads offer the main type of earnings - paying for each viewing. Remuneration is floating, usually varies from 0. 1 to 1 ruble.

Alternative directions are also proposed, for example, adding a block with video ads directly to the body of the article. In this case, you must install the player code on the pages.

How much does money earn on video posting?

Before you start monetizing your site by placing someone else's clips, you need to evaluate the profitability of this method.

It’s impossible to give exact amounts because the income depends on the advertisers ’generosity, site attendance, activity and interest in the video of the target audience, player location and other factors.

Only approximate calculations can be made. Suppose your site collects 1000 visitors per day. If at least 100 people watch a video (a few seconds of playback are counted), then with an average payment of 0. 5 p. will be 50 rubles.

It turns out, approximately, as with teaser ads, but sometimes videos do not look like advertisements.

To determine the profitability of this method of monetization, it is necessary to conduct tests. It is also important to choose videos for placement, because some of them may not be of interest to the target audience, and in this case it will not work out a lot of views.

Instruction - earnings on posting videos on social networks

Newbies are asked to tell in detail about all the earnings schemes that we describe. Therefore, we decided to present a clear example. To do this, we will use the service, which was described in another article - post a video and earn money on the views. We will also include it in the rating of sites for monetization by videos.

  1. It all starts with the registration, and after its passage, you need to connect the site. If this is a site, then a code is being added. If this is a community from social networks, then it is enough to go through the usual authorization. After being moderated, she receives active status:
How to make money by posting videos on their sites
  1. As you can see, the community has been added, now you can switch to available companies. The more popular the site, the more offers. In our group now there is only one video with a payment of 0. 1 p. per view:
How to make money by posting videos on their sites
  1. There is no targeting, which means that views will be counted from reposts as well. The advertiser is ready to pay another 2825 views. The movie is non-standard, and the bright name should force users to open it. Under the video there is a button "Place", click on it and a new entry appears on the community wall:
How to make money by posting videos on their sites
  1. Do not do anything else need, users watch the video, you are charged a reward. It takes into account views from 3 seconds and only from unique IP addresses. While we were writing a post, this company has already viewed:
How to make money by posting videos on their sites
  1. Statistics is not updated immediately, this site shows only shows player and scored views. You do not need to order payments, when more than 50 rubles are accumulated on the account, they are automatically transferred to the WebMoney purse specified in the profile:
How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Even popular Vkontakte communities use this to make money. As soon as the available views end, the video can be deleted (you can do this at any time).

The best sites for making money on posting videos on websites, in VK groups, on Instagram

Now for monetization of sites through video clips created.They have different requirements, plug-in sites, output methods and other points. Therefore it is worth considering each of them and choose the appropriate service :

  1. .

First of all, we’ll tell you about the system used in the example above. There are a lot of advertisers, new companies often appear, and the following are accepted for video distribution:

  • sites (from 300 hosts per day);
  • Vkontakte groups (from 15,000 subscribers);
  • groups in Odnoklassniki (from 15,000 subscribers);
  • Fesbuk groups (from 15,000 subscribers);
  • Twitter microblogs (from 200 tweets, 300 subscribers and from 180 days old).

It is interesting that the rules allow adding sites with fewer subscribers.

Our group, added to the service, gained only 10,000 subscribers, but it still manages to post videos. We have already shown how to do this, they also said about payments, they are automatic and only on Webmoney.

Project features:

  • pay-per-view varies from 0. 1 p. to 0. 8 p. ;
  • there is an affiliate program (5%);
  • payments on the 10th day of each month;
  • statistics are divided by referrals and views;
  • when adding a site, required to open statistics.
  1. .

Similar service, also accepting social networking sites and sites. When registering, you need to select Publisher status, and after entering the private office you will see a tab in the side menu for adding sites:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

To connect sites, you need to provide access statistics, the minimum attendance of 1000 hosts per day. Vkontakte groups and Odnoklassniki should collect from 20,000 subscribers, pages on Facebook and Instagram from 5,000 subscribers. After authorization, you can select all communities and go to available companies:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

As in the previous site, you will see advertisers ’offers, which indicate how many views are left and remuneration amount. After clicking the "Participate in the company" button, a list of connected sites opens, here you need to choose which of them you will use:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Resource owners are also offered to place an advertising block . Most often they pay 0. 5-0. 8 r. for watching. Most of the videos are movie clips and clips, so you don’t scare away your target audience.

Project features:

  • support is available even by phone;
  • payments are made every Friday;
  • an affiliate program ( 5%);
  • payments to Webmoney or QIWI;
  • you can connect alerts.
  1. .

It is very different from analogs, because you can upload your own videos here, and then receive the code and place them in order to also receive money for viewing.

The bottom line is that advertising is added to the video. This is very convenient, because you can copy popular clips from the Internet and collect a bunch of views.

Only site owners with access from 500 hosts per day will be able to use it. If your resource is already loaded with multi-rolls, write to support, they will help to quickly replace the player, the most popular platforms are supported. After registration, you need to add your platforms:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

The site interface is simple and convenient, in the Video files section you can upload videos via the form on the site, directly from YouTube or FTP. They pay from 50 to 150 rubles for 1000 views.

If views are from Russia, deductions are 60% of advertisers' expenses, from other countries - 40%. Money can be withdrawn on Webmoney or ePayments, the minimum amount of $ 10.

Project features:

  • advertising viewing counts after 3 seconds;
  • payments are made during the day;
  • you can upload any videos except Adult;
  • videos are stored for 30 days since the last viewing;
  • the player works on any devices and in all browsers.
  1. .

Catching advertising campaigns on this site is difficult, they rarely appear. Nevertheless, the service is of high quality and only here you can easily connect your IOS application to make money on video views.

After the standard registration, you will find yourself in your personal account, where there are only 3 tabs. First go to the last one to add a site:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Attendance of sites and Vkontakte groups should be from 1000 hosts per day (we managed to add VK community with lower numbers) . Further actions do not differ from those performed on other sites. Go to the first tab, where the available companies are shown and choose one of them:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

You need to click the "Participate" button, then a window appears where you can change the description , select a site and press the "Publish" button:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Average reward 0. 5 p. for viewing, connect as many sites as you like and be sure to activate the alerts in the settings.In addition to email notifications, you can activate SMS messages.

Project features:

  • payments are made from the 4th to the 10th every month;
  • pay for watching videos and following links from the description ;
  • payments are made on Webmoney or Yandex. Money;
  • the minimum amount to withdraw is 15 rubles;
  • income from referral sites is charged up to 100% in the first month.
  1. .

The system stands out among its competitors with a huge number of advertisers. This is a large and serious project through which you can earn not only on the site, but also through the Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and Telegram sites. Everything is simple in your personal account, and videos are published in one click:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Only here you will receive statistics in real time, you can check the number of views through reposts, and Also track mobile views. Places are added after authorization. The requirements are as follows:

  • sites with attendance of 1000 per day;
  • VK groups and Odnoklassniki from 15,000 subscribers;
  • Facebook, Instagram and Telegram pages from 1000 subscribers .

When the sites are checked, suitable offers will appear in the section with companies. The interface here is just as simple and under each roller there is a button for placing:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

Average pay per view 0. 5 p. As soon as new available companies appear, an email notification arrives. Payments spend from 100 rubles at the end of each month. Translations are made only to Webmoney wallets.

Project features:

  • automatic payments (when the minimum threshold is reached);
  • affiliate program 10% of advertiser costs;
  • is the only system for making money on posting video in Telegram;
  • professional round-the-clock support;
  • on Instagram video starts automatically.
  1. .

A network with video ads through which you can only monetize websites. Resources are accepted with any attendance and topics (the main non-sites for adults). The webmaster only needs to place the code on his website, while he can choose one of the player formats:

How to make money by posting videos on their sites

In addition, it offers profitable cooperation with owners of video content sites . You can use the player with advertising. The library has over 30,000 popular films. There are a lot of advertisers here, they pay stably, and payments are made every week to Webmoney wallets.

Project features:

  • advertising is shown in all browsers and on any devices;
  • there is a mode for auto video playback;
  • you can easily create your own online cinema;
  • it will take a couple of days to connect the monetization;
  • high-quality user support.

Those who decide to make money on placing other people's videos on their resources should register for all projects at once. New companies do not appear so often, and if you also choose videos that are suitable for the topic with a high viewing price, you will have to wait.

How to get a lot of video views?

Incomes from placing other people's videos on their resources directly depend on the efforts made. The more you manage to collect views, the more you get money. There are several tricks to help squeeze out the maximum of your sites:

  • choose videos that will be of interest to the target audience;
  • fill the resource so that videos are not the only content to be added;
  • make additional descriptions with a call to view the video;
  • you can order cheat through automatic promotion services in social networks;
  • attract even more visitors to your sites;
  • choose on player sites with good visibility;
  • do not publish videos com often, keep an eye on the concentration of advertising;
  • place the same video several times, so more views are typed;
  • use reposts to share videos, in many companies they are allowed;
  • beginners can independently scroll views by changing their IP address.

When you post really interesting videos, they do not appear as ads, and sometimes are perceived as entertainment content. For example, no one notices advertising, when videos are placed in music communities, and trailers are published in groups about films.

Reviews about earnings on posting videos on your own site

The above projects in the network are full of reviews. Site owners say that this type of monetization is convenient, and advertising is often perceived as new content. For groups in social networks, online movie theaters and other media sites with videos, this is one of the best ways to make money.

Of the negative points, many point out a small selection of affordable companies. While such advertising has not gained great popularity, payment for views starts from 0. 1 p. that provides not enough high profits.

Before drawing conclusions regarding earnings on placing videos through their resources and groups in social networks, it is necessary to conduct tests. Try to connect to proven services and publish the first video.

It is advisable to use for this site, related media content, but there are options for placing blocks with automatic start rollers, and this is already suitable for any site.

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