How to make letters for distribution? perfect mailing list

Business on the Internet is very often accompanied by the maintenance of Email distribution.

For some entrepreneurs, this tool is one of the best ways to drive traffic, while others do not get the proper result. What could be the cause? As an option - it may not be the correct design of the letters.

How to arrange letters for distribution? Of course, in order to introduce originality, you can write letters in your own style, but there are generally accepted norms, following which you will develop the best type of letters. In this article we will tell you about the parts of the letters and explain what they should contain.

How to make letters for distribution? perfect mailing list

The ideal letter in the mailing list

  1. The upper part of the letter (header). Each letter must begin with a cap. The most important thing is to add a small annotation of the letter, which can be displayed in the recipients' email clients. Due to this, you can increase the opening of letters.

    Immediately after the annotation, you can add a link to view the letter in a separate browser window, since the content may not display correctly for various reasons. Also in the header of the newsletter must be graphic elements that will give your letter originality and attract the attention of readers. In addition to the logos and the name of your company (website), you can add all sorts of pictures, photos, infographics, etc.

  2. The main part. The text is added to the main body of the letter. It is very important that the text content is properly designed and easy to read. Here you can use the skills of copywriters, since the text will need to be correctly formatted, divided into paragraphs, come up with subtitles, select the necessary parts of the text, add various elements and much more.

    Take as a rule a bunch of images and a heading for each paragraph, it will help you to beautifully draw the main part of the letter.

  3. Bottom of the letter (footer). Begin the final part of the letter with information about why this letter was sent to the user. Be sure to include here a link where you can unsubscribe from the newsletter. Information can be diluted with additional links to the best products, promotions, contests, etc.

How to make letters for distribution? perfect mailing list

At the very bottom of the footer, place the social networking buttons and also indicate the full contact data. It is possible that after reading the letter, someone will want to contact you.

Using the information in this article, you can create a mailing template and always send well-formed letters to recipients. Do not forget also about the background of your letter, pale shades in this case is preferable.

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