How to make Chrome safer? use 4 extensions

According to statistics, most Runet users use Google Chrome to access the Internet.

This is the fastest and most reliable browser, but there are several additions that can be used to significantly improve its security. . Internet security has always been a problem, so it’s best to take care of it beforehand.

How to make Chrome safer? There are several extensions, through which you will make visiting the Internet more secure. In addition, additions have been developed for conveniently following precautionary measures.

How to make Chrome safer? use 4 extensions

Protect yourself from fraudsters

1. .
This free extension can be found through a search for add-ons inside Google Chrome. After installing it, an additional toolbar will appear in your browser:

How to make Chrome safer? use 4 extensions

As you can see, here are all the necessary functions to ensure reliable protection. With just one click, you can safely close pages, clear your cache, delete personal data, and more. The main feature of the extension is that you can scan for viruses, which is done through the BitDefender utility.

2. .
When visiting various sites, each user has to deal with poor-quality resources that they no longer want to watch. Especially for this created this extension.

If you find that the site may be malicious, simply add it to the blacklist, and it will no longer be shown to you even in search results:

How to make Chrome safer? use 4 extensions

3 .
Inexperienced users hardly notice when visiting sites the HTTP prefix, to which is added S (HTTPS), which indicates the security of the page. According to this protocol, not all resources work, and after installing this extension, you will always be protected.

It is worth noting that this extension can be installed not only in Chrome, but also in other platforms, for example, Opera or Mozilla.

4. .
A very simple and useful application designed for the secure storage of personal data and in particular passwords. With it, you will not only protect your personal information, but also be able to generate new passwords, use form auto-completion, and you will be able to easily set up synchronization with other devices.

This application is considered one of the best and over 50,000 users gave it a rating of 5 stars.

Of course, installing new extensions in your browser, you sacrifice its performance , but all the additions presented in this article do not have a significant load. Think about security today, because tomorrow your accounts can be hacked.

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