How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

Internet users are offered such a wide choice of ways to earn money that beginners can’t figure out on the move where to go. First of all, the most interesting and profitable options are considered. Economic games just fit these requirements, and the most popular of them are chicken farms.

This article contains 10 of the best games with earnings on eggs and birds. Each project was checked, payments for sure come from it and I’ll show them so that you don’t think that it’s just an advertisement. Yes, I myself earn in games, I get good money from them, but first things first. In this niche a lot of scam, be careful.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

What is the essence of all games for a living?

Each game with a withdrawal of money is built on a similar platform. Users are invited to make contributions to some virtual business. In the case of poultry farms, this is an egg collection, but there are many other analogues, where profitable mines, cities, gardens, farms and much more are created.

Qualitative projects are protected from scam, they use a well-thought-out scheme for distributing money among the participants. You can compare this with the financial pyramid, because the only source for replenishing reserves is investment by new players.

Someone will say that there are no ideal structures, and they quickly fall apart, but there are projects that have been working for several years now, and the total payments from them amount to hundreds of millions of rubles:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

Just imagine what scale birds, eggs and earnings cover in such games. Constant huge turnover of money, some of which you can get. To do this, even invest money is not necessary when you finish reading the article to the end, understand how to start from scratch.

How do they make money playing eggs?

The first step is to figure out what exactly you need to do. In general, everything is simple, because the method is invented for beginners. It creates a virtual business, you get the products and sell it. So that you are not confused, here are detailed instructions for making money on eggs:

  1. First, in any game you need to register, as a rule, it is simple, without unnecessary checks, the usual form filling (sometimes they ask to specify only mail):

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. Not all games have a registration bonus, therefore the second step is to replenish the balance. How much each invest decides on their own, many are limited to 100-300 rubles. As a rule, in games you can throw money in any way, even from the card, even from the phone:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. Then the fun begins, buying birds. Depending on how much you replenish your account, you can buy feathered friends. The more money you spend, the more eggs you get:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. In some games, before you sell eggs, you need to collect them from the warehouse. Everything is simple, you press one button:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. When selling eggs in each game, certain percentages of funds received for withdrawal or for purchases are set. From the first account you can withdraw funds, from the second to buy other birds. Exchanges game currency at the same rate as purchased:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. After completing all the described manipulations, you can order a payment. In this regard, the games are very different. Somewhere points are used, somewhere a deposit is required, a different commission, available payment systems, and so on:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

Profitable birds, making money on eggs does not require constant vigorous action. You can go to the site once a month to collect eggs and order payments. This is the main advantage of such projects.

The best games for earning on eggs and birds

What you need to do, you know, now is the time to consider the most interesting games that I personally checked. In general, I try to first make sure that the project pays, and only then share it with its readers. Over the years of earning money in this niche, you had to face many scammers, you are guaranteed to get paid if you register for:

  1. - the most popular game for earning on eggs. In addition to being given some money for registration, users are offered to perform simple tasks for silver and free birds. There is a daily bonus and 5 ways to withdraw money (presented above in the picture).

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. - the design is a complete analogue of the previous project, here they also give 1000 silver for registration. When you first replenish the balance give a 25% bonus, depending on the amount of the deposit, you can still get freebies. Do not forget to collect daily bonuses.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. - it looks like the two previous projects, only it is a real long-liver. During the 1300 days of existence, players have withdrawn more than 250 million rubles from the game.Additionally, you can have fun in gambling, and when you replenish the balance will get 200% more.
  2. - the design is no different and this game, when registering, get a bit of local currency for development. Below we describe the payment points, here you can buy them for silver on a special exchange (i.e. it is not necessary to attract referrals).
  3. - the game will soon celebrate 2 years, and during that time she managed to pay the players 20 million rubles. Here, users buy exactly chickens, for the rest everything is also collecting and selling eggs. If you deposit more than 1000 rubles to your balance, you get a 250% bonus.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. - earnings on eggs without points and investments. In addition to the welcome bonuses and free birdies for joining the VK group, the administration offers surfing sites. Visit resources and get silver for this to develop a chicken farm. For withdrawals available in many different ways.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. - a game with a similar name is already presented above, but this is a completely different project. In it, newcomers are given 50 rubles each, and they do not require payment points. There are several types of bonuses, you can get the birds for free and make money on surfing sites.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. is a relatively young project that started at the end of 2016. Now he offers the most generous bonuses, this is 700% of deposits and a bunch of red birds (they are the most expensive). No payment points are used on the site, and payouts are available in different ways.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

  1. - in general, this is a full-fledged farm where players buy many different animals. However, it all starts with earning on eggs, as the welcome bonus is enough to buy a pair of chickens. There are many other bonuses, and in order to play without attachments, use surfing sites.

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

Do you know how a competent investor differs from a newbie? The first knows that your capital needs to be divided and create several sources of profit. That is why it is better to invest in several projects at once. Start making money on the Internet on eggs, using all these projects, letting profits drip from different sources.

What points are needed to earn money on bird eggs?

Those games that contain payment points are longer (I say this, based on personal experience). It is easy to explain, because the points are given for attracting referrals, and without them the money cannot be withdrawn from the game. Simply put, developers provide cash flow from newbies so that reserves are constantly replenished.

Cash Points are entered on many sites, without them you cannot order a payment. Sometimes they offer to receive them through exchanges (to buy for silver) or to earn on surfing, but all this is not that. The main way to get payment points is to attract referrals. Due to the high competition, it becomes more difficult to do this.

If you encounter a shortage of payment points, look at ways to recruit referrals. Using several methods, you will definitely be able to find investors and easily derive everything that has accumulated on your balance sheet for withdrawal.

Earnings on eggs with the help of referrals

In all games that offer earnings on birds carrying eggs, affiliate programs are running. You invite referrals and get a percentage of the funds they contribute to the balance. Conditions and remuneration are different everywhere. However, it is still profitable and helps to earn without investments. Here is an example of conditions:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

These are the conditions in the Rich Birds game, making money on eggs becomes even more profitable and more interesting due to this. I myself have been using affiliate games for a long time, they bring me the main income and, with payment points, there are never any problems. So that you understand how profitable this is, I will show an example of statistics:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

In games, you can not even buy birds and not collect eggs, but simply look for new players. So many users earn, only in this case, the work is not so simple and exciting. But to find investors is not hard, now many are interested in this way of earning on the Internet.

How much does it earn on eggs?

You cannot give an exact amount, because each user has a different output. There are many nuances, the fertility of birds, the exchange rate of game currency, the percentage of profitability in each particular game and so on. Nevertheless, we will try to answer this question by calculating the yield of the red bird in Rich Birds:

How to make big money on eggs and birds in games?

The cost of such a bird is 5,000 rubles. The amount is rather big, but it also has a fertility of 80,000 eggs per hour or 1,920,000 per day. You can sell this number of eggs for 19,200 silver, and withdraw 192 rubles. If you receive 200 rubles a day, the money quickly pays off, but in this game only 50% goes to withdrawal, i.e., the return to withdrawal will be 3,000 rubles per month.

Less than 2 months, money pays off.It is also necessary to take into account that for the withdrawal of funds in the game chosen for the example, payment points are required. So you have to look for referrals. Read the article - how to attract referrals to Goldenbirds, if you think it is too difficult.

Analogues of games for making money on birds

The games offer not only earnings on eggs, there are other plots. On similar sites it is also interesting and easy to earn, and the conditions are different everywhere. As we have said, it is better to create more sources of profit at the same time. With the help of these games, you will also receive income:

  1. - players buy cars needed to fulfill orders. The cars automatically carry passengers, and the more expensive they are, the higher the profit from each order. There are many additional features in the game, for example, cars are being tuned and you can earn money without investments in the CLIX section.
  2. - the hired gnomes will be engaged in mining ore, and the player will only need to sell this resource. There are points in the game, but if you deposit more than 5,000 rubles to the balance, the administration assigns free referrals to you. No longer have to invite anyone.
  3. is one of the few games translated into several languages. Therefore, it is gaining popularity around the world. For registration all players are given 100 rubles each. Money is needed to buy tea bushes, from which leaflets come later, and profit is obtained from their sale.
  4. - none of the games presented in this article compare with this project on schedule. She is here, as in many online strategies. What do we have to do? Build houses in their own medieval state. The more buildings you build, the more profit comes.
  5. is a fruit farm with a yield of up to 200% monthly. Saplings are not expensive, plant them in any quantity and collect fruits for sale. Payments are automatic, from just 1 ruble. If you attract referrals, then you will receive up to 40% from deposits.
  6. - there are no complicated functions in the game, you only need to buy robots to start selling energy. To start the required contribution of at least 150 rubles. The first deposit is accompanied by a bonus of 50%. If you buy a robot for 99 900 rubles, the daily profit will be 1270 rubles.

In these games, the birds do not carry eggs, but the earnings come in stable. What is the difference whether dwarves, cars or trees make a profit, the most important thing is that you don’t have to do anything. With each of the games presented, I personally received payments and repeatedly. Therefore, do not worry, but invest or earn money without investments, in many games it is now available.

Taking this opportunity, I recommend another interesting project Univer Monstr. In the game you need to buy monsters and collect fears. The plot is taken from the famous cartoon Monsters. Now the action is carried out, referrals are distributed from the administration, and 30% is added to deposits.

It is really profitable to use the earnings on eggs. Each game is unique and interesting in its own way. Yes, there are certain nuances, sometimes points are required and other restrictions are set, but in general, this way of earning on the Internet is worthy of attention.

When I registered on all these sites, I was filled with doubts, but now I understand that these are one of the most profitable projects, with a competent approach.

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