How to make betting on sports

Bookmakers are ready to pay huge winnings. For those who can predict the outcome of matches, it brings a good profit.

You may find yourself among them, but first you have to get serious knowledge. Making money on sports betting is not so easy, it should not be just a hobby.

How to bet on sports? Experts on the Internet hand out advice, but some of them do not understand even the basic terms of the bookmaker.

After reading a few posts about how to make predictions, I got the impression that they were written by people who had never made a bet on their own and that all this was being done by newbies.

How to make betting on sports

Learning how to make bookmaking bets

For me, this is an interesting topic, because I constantly make bets, in particular on football .

I like to keep track of matches, I don’t miss out on loud games, and I occasionally get wins. I told about one of them in the video, plus I presented there 3 ways to make money in this niche:

Newbies often consider making money on bookmaker bets simple. Trying to find match-fixing, some kind of win-win strategies, buy courses. They forget that you first need to get a basic level of knowledge.

If you don't understand the basics, you definitely won't succeed. Here is a selection of cognitive posts from my blog:

  • what are download rates,
  • what is a short express,
  • bets on home fighters ;
  • shots on target and the percentage of possession of the ball;
  • what is the ladder in stakes;
  • bonuses of bookmakers.

Without knowing what a particular term means in a bookmaker's niche, you simply cannot learn useful material online. Therefore, first of all, take the time to study expressions and "new" words.

The most important thing is the choice of the bookmaker's office

It doesn't matter if you learn to make profitable bets or not. If you choose a non-quality bookmaker, you still won’t win.

After adding the BC sites to the register of banned sites, not many licensed companies remained in the territory of the Russian Federation. One of the best -, now there are different bonuses here and there is freebet for registration:

How to make betting on sports

Wide enough lines, a wide range of sports, normal ratios and impeccable reputation. Many real offices are open on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main competitor of this company is BC, which also offers many kinds of sports and various bonuses:

How to make betting on sports

It is better to register at once in 2 of these offices, so that later choose the highest odds for events for which you make a forecast.

Both companies offer mobile apps, often hold promotions and are tied to TsUPIS, which guarantees the receipt of payments (even if the BC closes, the money will be paid from a special fund).

Experience will help you learn to bet correctly

They don’t take a job without experience, then how to get it? Vicious circle. In the niche rates, you can start without investment.

First, some BCs offer a demo account. Secondly, there are separate services for sports betting demo. Thirdly, you can simply write down your bets on a piece of paper and check which ones have played.

Test different strategies, try creating express trains, find patterns, highlight for yourself which factors are more influencing the outcome of the game. The longer you do it, the more you will gain valuable experience.

Do not spend money on different courses or win-win strategies, everything you need for training is available for free, you just need to look good.

It is still better to invest a little money and make bets on minimum amounts. The fact is that only when using a real deposit, the better begins to "move."

To get to the stakes, imagine that instead of 10 rubles you bet 10,000 rubles, small bets are often perceived as entertainment, but you must be responsible for gaining experience.

How to make betting on sports

Better's psychology or how to place a bet in a bookmaker?

Novices often underestimate their moral preparation for sports betting. Here it is very important to learn how to control your emotions, not to pay attention to defeats and victories, learn how to move away from different outcomes and make decisions with a cool head for further actions.

Bookmakers are perceived as the worst enemies, but in reality, these are just services offering to open bet. No need to try to beat them, the main enemy for you is you. If you learn to control your emotions, everything will start to turn out.

Take it as a rule - do not immediately open bets after winning or winning. Allow yourself to cool, so that emotions do not play a cruel joke.

Another not obvious problem is attachment to certain teams or athletes. This is how our psyche is composed, we pay more attention to those who are sympathetic to us. This makes it difficult to remain objective in making forecasts and leads to losses.

Well, the last important point can be represented as a catch phrase - fraera’s greed will destroy.

When you manage to achieve a win line, you want to earn even more, it seems that you are a real guru and you are in luck. But sooner or later there will be a loss, it is important not to merge into it everything that you managed to win before.

How to make betting on sports

Competent deposit management

Imagine that earning at bookmaker offices is a small business. To run it, you spent money out of pocket (share capital).

If you do something wrong, all the funds will go away incomprehensibly and you will go bankrupt. This is unlikely to happen if you learn how to manage your bank roll.

For this, various strategies have even been devised. They perform two main tasks - reduce risks and help achieve a steady increase in balance. Online, you can easily find descriptions of such strategies, the main two:

  1. Flat - the easiest option. Just betting on the same amount. As a rule, they are determined by the percentage of the total balance ( for example, 5% ).
  2. Dogon is a risky strategy, since it requires an increase in the size of the bet for losses, so that even one victory would cover all expenses.

Heard about the Martingale? This is the simplest example. In addition to the need to double the bet after each loss, it is important to return to the minimum bet after a victory and choose a coefficient of at least 2. With this approach, it will be much easier to maintain a positive balance.

Strategies help to bet correctly in order to win

In addition to financial ones, there are game strategies, they are more complex, but there are more benefits from them. Every professional has his own tactics, which they adhere to from the very beginning.

Our blog presents sports betting strategies for beginners, study them, try to combine and modernize these techniques.

Managing invested money will be just one of the important points. A well-considered and high-quality strategy disciplines, a clear plan of action appears, all that remains is to act according to the instructions and control yourself so as not to turn into a "tortuous" one.

Before using this or that method, be sure to learn the details. Which tournaments or matches should be avoided, whether to use LIVE mode or not, what type of bet to choose, etc.

It’s not enough just to learn how to bet online, you need to be sure that the money you’ve made is accurate.

How to make betting on sports

Analysis of each match and correct prediction

Before each bet, you need to ask yourself the question - will it bring a profit? Separate matches need to be decomposed into components, the only way to make a good forecast.

Until you learn to identify the main factors affecting the outcome of the game, nothing will come of it. What are we talking about?

  • weather conditions;
  • coaching staff;
  • motivation of athletes;
  • injuries among team members;
  • where the match is held;
  • importance of the tournament;
  • possession of the ball;
  • statistics of scored goals;
  • scores of the corner.

These are not all factors to understand this well; read a separate article on how to analyze football for betting.

It is easy to gather the necessary information, there are statistics on bookmakers' sites, and major tournaments are covered in the media. Plus, you can get additional data through forums and different communities of betters.

How to bet on sports: tips

Professionals give out free tips on their websites, on social networks, on forums and other sites. It is necessary to listen to the recommendations and learn from the experience of others, it is the level of knowledge that determines the success of the better. Understand a few simple rules right now:

  1. Do not spend money on expert predictions, match-fixing information, win-win strategies. Too often, scammers hide behind it.
  2. Try making money on forks in bookmaker offices, just use them carefully, this method is prohibited in all BCs.
  3. Only undertake analysis and forecasting work in a good mood. Bright head and activity will help you achieve high productivity.
  4. Invest in sports betting only the money with which you do not mind parting. Do not forget about the risks, they are high enough here.
  5. The problem of many newbies is betting only on favorites. It does not bring big profits, look for interesting bets with high odds.
  6. Read and analyze the opinions of other users, but never take it as a basis, you need to turn on your brain and sometimes go against public opinion.
  7. Test strategies, combine them and refine them. You can combine financial and game tactics.
  8. Stay tuned for sports news, the media helps to make more accurate forecasts, talking about various injuries, weather, and sometimes publish expert opinions.
  9. Only place bets at proven bookmakers that are connected to the TsUPIS and have a license to provide services in the Russian Federation.
  10. If you open express trains, do not add more than 3 events to them. Otherwise, the probability of winning will be extremely low.

Making betting correctly and winning is a whole art. You will know him only if you start to study and you will be attentive.

Even the bitter experience is the best teacher, so do not be afraid to lose in the first couple, the main thing is to draw conclusions and find out why the prediction turned out to be wrong.

Another high-quality BC

also has a license, is connected to the TsUPIS and gives new players 2000 rubles for free.

Over time, you will definitely figure out how to make live bets, open express trains, and bet. Do not rush to earn a large amount, it is much more important to learn the finer points, and only then invest serious money.

According to statistics, at the beginning of the journey, beginners lose everything, so it’s better to start with a small deposit and train.

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