How to make anchor list? diluted anchors

Website promotion necessarily associated with the purchase of links, but in addition to the weight of puzomerok, webmasters pursue the goal of promoting the resource on requests using various anchors.

As well as creating a content for a semantic core, you need to take care of the development of the anchor list in advance.

How to make anchor list correctly? Start with the definition of the type of site, because the search queries are different (commercial, information, etc.). Be sure to check their competitiveness, and other factors - readability, dilution, frequency of requests, and so on.

How to make anchor list? diluted anchors

Anchors of purchased links

First you need to select the exact entries that will be used for anchors (take from the semantic core). Depending on what frequency they have, the percentage ratio with diluted queries differs:

  • HF - 30% of direct occurrences;
  • CF - 50% of direct occurrences;
  • LF - 100% direct entries.

For low-frequency queries, you can slightly dilute the anchors, but this is not necessary. Naturally, the demand frequency depends on the frequency of requests, for example, it is more difficult to advance in the HF, so the links will have to be bought much more than for the MF or LF.

How to make anchor list? diluted anchors

Diluted anchors

Algorithms of search engines can determine artificial extension of links , therefore, you need to dilute anchors. Most often, various words are simply added to the direct entries or their form changes. But besides this, you can use other requests:

  • low-frequency requests;
  • search engine tooltips;
  • rare requests for which there are referrals to your website.

Remember, search engines have long learned to distinguish between purchase links for anchors. Most often, the anchors of purchase links use the names of companies and websites, and most rarely the words "here", "here", etc.

TIP: to find out a little more about which reference mass is better , you need the Yazzle program. Through it, you can check the anchor lists of quality resources and highlight various patterns.

Make the correct list of anchors for your resource and do not forget that the struggle with the purchase links continues, and therefore you need to strive for the naturalness of the reference mass and its anchors.

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