How to make an intellectual card copywriter?

Experienced copywriters make good money. Only professionals know how difficult it is to make quality material.

Agreed on a time limit, took a prepayment, and the muse left you or your thoughts simply do not go to your head. What to do in this case? Solve the problem helps technology Tony Buzan.

Mental copywriting cards are compiled just like any other niche. To come up with the structure of complex and voluminous text, a structure is created in any convenient format. The approach is unusual, as you know, when changing the type of activity, it is much easier to overcome laziness.

How to make an intellectual card copywriter?

Thoughts don't go over your head, what to do?

Many interesting ways were thought up to increase brain activity and solve inspiration problems with copywriters . The same shock copywriting file is often useful.

Mental maps, or as they are called abroad Mids Maps (smart maps), are not difficult to create and come in handy for developing high-quality materials.

This technique is used to compile various articles, starting with abstracts and ending with the creation of dictionaries. In the free form collecting the necessary information, then it is easier to print the material.

It looks like this:

How to make an intellectual card copywriter?

At the heart of the smart card is the main phrase, query, keyword, idea. From it there are arrows to different directions, and for each of them a separate list is compiled. All this is done on a regular piece of paper or in any graphic editor.

Having gathered the necessary data together, you get almost ready material, it remains only to put everything together and present everything in a printed format. Alternatively, you can search for ready-made mental maps on the Internet (if there are no ideas at all).

How to make a smart card to a copywriter?

It’s hard to sit down and make a map for a new article. In addition, the quality depends on its quality and fullness. In order to somehow facilitate this process, we have compiled a list of useful tips for creating a mental map:

  • use simple formats so as not to overdo it and then easily understand your own map;
  • there should be only one word on each branch;
  • it is desirable to draw lines and choose words of the same length;
  • select the most important words on the map;
  • use small pictures, give yourself hints;
  • make branches in different colors;
  • write everything in block letters;
  • draw large branches with any shapes;
  • manage space correctly so that there is not much space left;
  • it is advisable to apply a hierarchical structure and numbering;
  • do not strive to make everything ideally smooth, this is your draft.

Composing complex texts, difficulties always appear. Spending a few minutes on creating a mental map is better than puffing and confusing your thoughts. Constantly using the technique of Tony Buzan is not necessary, but sometimes it really helps out.

How to make an intellectual card copywriter?

You can only believe in the effectiveness of mental maps after you draw at least one of them. What should try to use a clever technique? Suddenly, it will really help you overcome hard times and cope with the most difficult orders.

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