How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

Various sites are created on CMS WordPress. The engine is positioned as the best tool for creating a blog, but now even online stores are doing it on the platform.

Most plug-ins are created for it, and they allow you to turn the engine from a blog-platform into a development tool more serious resources.

The WordPress affiliate program plugin helps you grow your business. Even if you sell some infoprodukty through your resource, it is useful to you. The extension, which you will now find out, is called, it is not free, but it is not a pity to pay 1,760 rubles for such functionality.

How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

WordPress Affiliate Program, how to do it?

Why connect to someone's business, create and earn money with your affiliate program. For the WordPress engine, the ideal option was invented, the Partners System has no worthy counterparts. The addition of several levels of referrals is available, everything is configured conveniently and simply.

How many levels there will be in your affiliate program is up to you, there are no limits. The site owner will only need to set a certain percentage of deductions for each level. Do not fit such conditions? Specify a fixed amount of rewards.

Settings start with referral link options:

How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

Add your own values ​​to get beautiful URLs. For convenience, there is a function of reassigning referrals, when removing their referrer. For example, you can make them assigned to your accounts.

Here you also specify the number of levels, and then you need to specify the amount of remuneration:

How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

Separately, the conditions of cooperation are set for each level. Interest rates are most often used, but there are other options. Here you need to calculate your own benefits, not all conditions of cooperation are equally attractive for every entrepreneur.

Partners receive statistics in a convenient format:

How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

It displays the size of incentives and the date they were credited. Here is a complete list of referrals and a link to attract new users. In the administrative panel, the site owner can keep track of who, whom, when and from where invited:

How to make an affiliate program on WordPress?

Follow the data of the affiliate program, manage it, change conditions - all this is convenient to do. However, this is not a complete list of the advantages of the Partners System plugin:

  • wide settings;
  • support for the Woocommerce plugin;
  • shortcodes are available;
  • unlimited affiliate nesting;
  • setting the type of ref. links;
  • extended statistics on promotions.

The Partners System Plugin is a one-stop solution for any type of site. Whatever you do, offer users to make money and it will not be overlooked. Plus, they will start talking about you on sites like my blog.

You can organize an affiliate program on any site and for this it is not necessary to create a separate resource.

If you are not satisfied with this plugin, and you yourself have no idea how to add such functionality, ask to create a script on. This freelance exchange is used by real professionals.

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