How to make a snippet? high CTR in search results

Search engines bring the main traffic to sites, because millions of users make billions of queries every day that various sites find.

If you have your own website, then you are definitely interested in having more people choose your site among all the results of the issue.

This can be done through proper snippet design. A snippet is information that is displayed in search results along with your site. It should be noted that in addition to the description of the site, additional objects are included in the snippet, for example, Favicon, quick links and much more.

How to make a snippet? high CTR in search results

High CTR in search results

How to arrange a snippet correctly? To do this, we have compiled several recommendations:

  1. To begin with, create a beautiful Favicon for a site that will attract the attention of users.
  2. In the Title pages, be sure to add interesting information (for example, tell us about the benefits or discounts).
  3. The information in the snippet should briefly describe the content of the page, make sure that it is unique and relevant.
  4. In the description tag, be sure to set keywords, this takes quite a bit of time and has a positive effect on promotion.
  5. The search engines have the opportunity to use advanced snippets, do not miss this opportunity.
  6. If you add a site to the DMOZ directory, search engines can take descriptions from it, this is convenient.
  7. Quick links in snippets also attract attention and increase CTR. It is impossible to install them manually, but you can try to make them appear as soon as possible (in the Webmasters panel of any search engine, you can read more about it).
  8. Never add links to third-party resources in the snippet (including quick links), because in this case you lose a lot of traffic.
  9. When filling in the snippet, try to use small texts up to 140 characters.
  10. Do not forget that the snippet will be read by users, and based on this, the decision to visit the page will be made, so post interesting, attractive and competent information.
  11. In Google search, you can attach your photo to a snippet, through the Google + network.

How to make a snippet? high CTR in search results

Quality work on snippets can already become effective actions to increase the attendance of a resource. Many webmasters do not attach any importance to this, but it is as important as coming up with catchy headlines. Try to make changes, and you will definitely notice that more traffic is coming from search engines.

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