How to make a page with error 404, ErrorDocument 404

Analyzing the statistical data of our sites, we paid attention to the fact that quite a lot of people hit the page with error 404. This error appears if the page address is not entered correctly or when you go to the page you deleted, but this not a reason to lose traffic, which has already shown a desire to visit your resource.

To collect traffic from transitions to the error page, you can make it more original or place links to other pages of your site. How to make a page with error 404 ? Especially for this, we decided to write a separate article.

To create the correct page with 404 error, you only need to have some knowledge of HTML. The basic level will be quite enough, since all the necessary tags and codes can be found on the network, and then redone them for your own website.

How to make a page with error 404, ErrorDocument 404

Page with error 404

Here is an example of a page with error 404:

How to make a page with error 404, ErrorDocument 404

As you can see, this is the simplest HTML code of the document , in which you can enter some information directing your visitor to other pages of the site. Thus, you can collect additional traffic, which is an important point, for each webmaster.

After you create an HTML document with 404 error, you will need to specify the path to it in the file. htaccess. Users of popular CMS should definitely know what this file is and where it can be found. In the code of this file there should be a line beginning with " ErrorDocument 404 ", and opposite to it the address of the page with an error will be indicated.

All you need is to point the correct address to the page you just created. CMS users can not specify the address to the page with an error manually, because the interface may contain the necessary functionality. Here is an example from the Joomla engine:

How to make a page with error 404, ErrorDocument 404

Think for yourself how the user behaves, who will switch to your resource, but will observe a 404 error and will not know how to proceed to the main menu and other materials. Most likely, he will simply leave the resource, and you will lose traffic.

In practice, many webmasters decorating the page errors 404 use a lot of creative solutions, which allows attracting the attention of erroneous traffic and getting additional transitions to the site.

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