How to make a business plan on one page?

What is required to open any business? Business plan, which contains all the information about your business.

Previously, plans were painted on a whole “stack” of paper, now they are painted on 10-15 pages, but You can do one page. This is a non-standard approach to developing a meaningful business plan.

A one-page business plan is quite realistic. Not so long ago, an interesting structure for a one-page business plan was invented.

In this article we will present it to you, and also explain how to use it. Spending less time on drawing up a business plan can concentrate on other equally important matters.

How to make a business plan on one page?

When creating a voluminous business plan, entrepreneurs expect to follow it further.

As practice shows, the business model must be flexible, i.e. it must be done so that everything changes easily and quickly. By making a plan all on one page, you can easily make changes to it.

To easily create a business plan on one page, use the following template:

How to make a business plan on one page?

The table contains 9 blocks, each of them is necessary fill. To make it easier for you to understand, let's find out what information should be in these blocks:

  1. Main partners - all information about partners and suppliers. It also indicates what functions partners perform and what resources they provide for your business.
  2. Primary business - the functions performed by you or your company. Here signs about the methods of distribution, due to what the profit is allocated and what conditions are offered to customers.
  3. Value - you must specify all the values ​​of your offers. Think about what problem your product (service) solves, how you help clients and whether they really get some benefit.
  4. Customer Relationship - describes how to work with customers. What exactly are you offering them, under what conditions and how will they take advantage of it. This includes basic pricing for customers.
  5. Customer Segment - Target audience must be predefined. Answer in this block to one question, who is your client. Highlight several criteria for the customer audience, which they differ from other people.
  6. Basic resources - your business will receive something to create products or provide services, describe all resources here. It can be anything, starting with substances and products, ending with computing power.
  7. Channels - the goods must somehow be delivered to your customers, describe the chosen method. If this is a service, depending on whether it is local or not, you need to select the appropriate options.
  8. Cost Structure - Do not open a business without expenses, but here you need to specify not only the amount of start-up capital. Evaluate advertising costs, resources, customer support, and everything else you need to start your business.
  9. Revenue flows - the final block, which describes the profit model. This includes the prices of your products or services, as well as ways to get money from customers.

Most of the beginners find it difficult to draw up a business plan, but thanks to this table, you can easily create this document.

Experts advise you to make a business plan in one page for several reasons:

  • ease when updating information;
  • even a novice can deal with the plan ;
  • time savings;
  • the original approach arouses investor interest;
  • it is easy to present and explain the plan to your team;
  • you can optionally add a table with blocks.

Of course, if you make a business plan for a serious investor, a bank or a state, then one page will not be enough.

And if you decide to use crowdfunding (more details in article 4 of the business financing options), then this is a great way to tell investors about your idea.

To make your business plan look good on one page, use keywords and meaningful expressions.

Even if you decide to create a business on the Internet without investments, you should have a plan.

It is required first of all by you yourself so that you clearly understand all important points, fix the main goals and understand income / expenses. Make a plan for the presented instructions, it does not take much time, and the benefits are obvious.

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