How to log in via another ip address of the computer?

Each user connected to the Internet has his own address. It is called ip and is provided by the provider.

When you log on to the network, this address is not in any way hidden and the owners of the websites you visit can do it see. What to do if you need to anonymously go to the site? It is necessary to change the ip address.

How to log in through another ip? There is a huge amount of options, and in some cases it’s enough just to reconnect to the Internet .

Providers sometimes provide dynamic ip , which changes each time you log on to the network. But most often customers are given a static address, and it is indicated in the documents.

How to log in via another ip address of the computer?

How to change the ip address?

Some providers have an additional service for connecting other ip or dynamic addresses. If your provider does not provide such services, you do not want to pay, or you need to urgently change the address, use anonymizers and special programs.

Programs are convenient to use if you constantly need to change the ip address. There are more simple options - online services. The most popular anonymizer offers. On their website there is a anonymizer , where you can select the country through which you will enter the sites:

How to log in via another ip address of the computer?

Enter the address, click open and, in a new tab opens the specified site. At the same time, your ip is already changed and no one will recognize you. There are quite a few similar services on the Internet:

  • (they offer a convenient program);
  • (it works with social networks).

Using online services, they may not open correctly when visiting websites. Some scripts simply do not work, so using the programs is much more convenient.

Of the vast amount of software, only two software products stand out:

  1. - one of the best programs that allows you to hide not only ip, but also the browser with the operating system. Another huge plus is security. When using other addresses, no one will be able to intercept the input data.
  2. is a similar program, using which, your data is saved anywhere. You can also change the browser, OS and ip address. Conveniently, the program itself loads the lists from the proxy and performs a check of their performance.

Now you know how to log in from another ip and visit any sites without a trace. Also, all these services will help you access sites blocked on the Runet.

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