How to live on 20 000 rubles per month?

The harsh realities of our lives make many people give up joy and save on almost everything.

Not everyone can boast of lucrative work and high wages, many are used to survive for a few thousand rubles a month . Is it real? Yes, if you correctly distribute the budget.

How to live on 15-20 thousand rubles a month? Some will be surprised, but you can live for a smaller amount. At the same time, you do not have to spend all day barley or borrow money.

There are regions in Russia where the average salary barely exceeds 20,000 rubles, although in fact many people receive even less.

How to live on 20 000 rubles per month?

Is it possible to survive with a small salary?

Even a good income is not a reason to stop saving, because everything you do not spend , you can invest at interest or defer.

For a start, you should think about the costs and it is desirable to exclude everything that you do not really need. Obligatory expenses, these are utilities and food, in difficult times it can be limited to this.

If your apartment is not large, 3,000 rubles should be enough to pay for it. In addition, we recommend that you learn how to save on utilities.

Removable housing or mortgage requires a lot of expenses, sometimes you have to pay and 15 000 rubles per month, so in such cases income is simply not enough.

As for food, they should be bought intelligently. Going on a diet is not worth it, it can lead to health problems.

Here is a list of products worth buying:

  • meat / fish;
  • potatoes;
  • pasta;
  • vegetables;
  • bread.

There are still some essential items that you can't do without. These include sunflower oil, washing powder and more.

Try to buy groceries in large supermarkets and compare prices. With a great desire, you can spend about 5-7 thousand rubles per month specifically for food.

Make a menu for a week or even a month, then go shopping and do not buy anything that is not in the list.

If you keep costs to a minimum, you get about 8,000 rubles for utilities and food . You can live on it, but you need to understand that we all spend more.

Payment for the Internet, clothing, camping, and so on. All this makes us get a wallet, so it is better not to try to look for ways to live on 10 000 - 20 000 rubles, and find yourself a profitable part-time job.

Internet - a great place to work

With the help of the Internet, many people have already improved their financial situation. It is not difficult to find a job in the network, it’s really a lot there. Here are just freeloaders do not shine, because for a decent amount you have to work actively.

We have compiled several quality websites for you, where you can earn some money:

  1. Wmmail - the easiest way is to earn money on this box. Small tasks are added here every day, anyone can take on them. Register on the site, add friends in the social. networks, write a review about the product, for all this you will pay a little money. Even if you receive 100 rubles a day, you will be able to pay utility bills.
  2. How to live on 20 000 rubles per month?
  3. - a site for brave girls who are ready to have intimate conversations and show candid shows in video chat. Spectators pay big money, countries can be blocked, and broadcast can be launched at any time. There are models that receive more than $ 1000 monthly.
  4. is another simple service on which pages from social networks are monetized. A system for cheating has been created, so after registering you will be able to join groups, set classes, retweet and get euros for it. Profiles do not block as restrictions are set.
  5. - there are people who with this website do not just earn money, but use it as the main source of profit. Large orders with decent rewards are published here. Someone may need videos, someone to place ads on the network, someone beautiful banners.
  6. How to live on 20 000 rubles per month?
  7. is one of the affiliate programs of Forex brokers. Through it, you can invite traders to the popular Binomo website. When they conduct transactions, you will receive a percentage of the rate. Money turns there is not comic, but first you need to collect a large audience of referrals.
  8. - the exchange of articles, it can also be turned into the main source of profit. Authors upload different texts to the site, and site owners buy them. Surely you have any knowledge, so you can also write a few articles and put them up for sale.
  9. How to live on 20 000 rubles per month?

It will be much easier to live for an official salary of 20,000 rubles if you receive additional money from the Internet. Choose a suitable activity and start saving e-currency right today.

Regardless of the level of knowledge and skills, you can use the Internet for additional work. Even if in a month you collect only a couple of thousand rubles, it will be quite good.

At a minimum, such an amount can be put into circulation or directly through the Internet to spend on repaying a loan, paying for Internet, telephone, and so on.

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