How to legally open an online store? instruction

One of the most popular ideas for starting a business on the Internet is opening an online store.

To do this, you need to find a supplier, order the development of a website, set up receiving electronic payments and deal with delivery. But apart from all these moments, we should not forget about the legislation, because you become an entrepreneur.

How to legally open an online store? I would just like to say that you can start without registration, since a small profit is unlikely to attract the attention of tax inspectorates.

But you should think about the documentation in advance, besides, it is better to do everything right through your PI ( for example, use a separate checking account ).

How to legally open an online store? instruction

Designing an online store as a business

Sooner or later, after the development of your business, notifications from the tax inspectorate may come, and not to wait for this and then do not rush to the necessary documents, prepare in advance.

First of all, you need to open the FE in order to register your business. It is not so difficult to do this, as there are special sites where they help to collect and prepare the necessary documents.

Also, they help to open an IP account, which can be used to receive payments. For example, when registering Webmoney, you will not use your wallet, but an electronic account opened with your company. In the future, it is much more convenient, including for accounting.

In addition, your PI account is useful for working with partners and suppliers. Transaction data is conveniently recorded, and it will not be difficult to calculate how much tax to pay. Exact numbers can not be called, it all depends on the selected tax system and company income.

All that is required for a legitimate business on the Internet is the opening of an IP and a current account. Maintain proper accounting and pay taxes on time, then no one will come to you and will not demand anything.

It takes not much time to register your business according to all the rules and laws, and only 800 rubles for the state. fee .

With regard to employment in your online store, but no additional documents are required, draw up the relevant contract and also keep records to the tax authorities.

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