How to leave the office in freelance? Transition from office to freelance

Tired of boring and dull days spent in the office? It is worth thinking about changing their activities.

But where to go to an office worker who is used to working at a computer? The best option is freelance. Remote earnings also allow you to do light (physically) work without leaving your home.

How to leave the office in freelancing? The most important thing is not to hurry, because the work of a freelancer is not stable and at the very beginning of a career, financial problems are inevitable. To fully go to work on the Internet, you first need to earn yourself a "name".

In other words, it is not so easy to gain popularity and collect a base of regular customers.

How to leave the office in freelance? Transition from office to freelance

A smooth transition from office to freelance

You need to start building a freelance career long before you leave office. To make the transition smooth, you will need to combine work. Make it difficult, because after a working day in the office, you also have to work at home. But if you find strength in yourself, the first step will be taken.

  1. Portfolio preparation. A competent freelancer must have a portfolio. Customers will not be interested in what you can do and what kind of education you have; they are interested to see what you have already done. It doesn't matter if you decide to become a designer, copywriter or optimizer, examples of your work will definitely come in handy and you need to collect them before leaving the office.
  2. Creating a customer base. Another necessary step required for a smooth job change. When you already have about a dozen clients ready to pay for your work, the risks of being left without income will decrease. How you will increase your customer base is not important, the most important thing is to make as many acquaintances as possible and show yourself as a reliable and competent performer.
  3. Pricing. While you are working in the office and you have a steady income, you are not so dependent on finances. Therefore, make good discounts for customers and reduce the cost of services. This will help you gain popularity and attract new customers. Do not worry about the prospects, if your work will be excellent, not a single client refuses to cooperate, even at a higher price.
  4. Organization of work schedule. Most novice freelancers refuse prospects only because they can not adjust themselves to work. You will definitely encounter such a problem, and so that it does not become critical, make a work schedule in advance. Do not cut time, try to work the standard five-day week.

How to leave the office in freelance? Transition from office to freelance

Changing jobs is always difficult, so you need to prepare for such changes in life. Use your office work as a safety net, since starting a freelance career is always associated with low incomes.

In conclusion, I would like to give useful advice - when you decide to switch to freelancing, do not undertake any kind of work, look for interesting projects and properly assess your strengths.

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