How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

Since ancient times, gold was considered a noble metal, which was a measure of money turnover.

The rush around gold is not over today, traders are betting on it, and some people are actively investing money in this metal, because its value has greatly decreased over the past few years.

Create a WMG wallet and invest in gold, this is the easiest way to make a contribution. In the article about investing in gold, we have already told how to invest in precious metal.

Opening special bank accounts, buying bars and coins - all this takes a lot of time, it is much easier to keep money in gold in your virtual wallet.

How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

Invest in gold without leaving your home

The Webmoney payment system has been providing services in the online payment market for almost 20 years. She has proven herself on the positive side, and most importantly, there are very few cases of burglary and fraud.

The fact is that the protection here is of several levels, and the administration tries to limit the work with the fraudsters.

The title characters WMG were introduced specifically for the use of gold . Their rate is equal to the cost of one gram of gold (varies with the quotes). If you look at the dynamics of changes in the price of gold, you can see that in recent years the precious metal has lost a few positions:

How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

In the period from 2011 to 2013, there was a price peak. Experts say that gold will rise in price in the future, so now is the best time to buy this metal.

In order not to burden yourself with going to the bank and not paying money for the safety of the cells, and not to open a special account, use Webmoney.

How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

In order to start investing in gold without leaving your home, it is enough to register a Webmoney wallet. It will take a few minutes, but immediately send the documents for review to get a formal certificate. Then download the client and install it on the computer.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to create a special WMG wallet where you will store the grams of gold you bought:
  2. How to invest in gold through WebMoney?
  3. When creating a new wallet, you will be offered several options, choose the one we need:
  4. How to invest in gold through WebMoney?
  5. Do not forget to specify the name of the wallet (arbitrary) and click next. A notification about the successful creation of WMG appears:
  6. How to invest in gold through WebMoney?
  7. Now you can buy title signs equivalent to a gram of gold. To do this, you need to go to the currency exchange inside the wallet:
  8. How to invest in gold through WebMoney?
  9. To complete the final step, you should already have money in your account. You can top up your wallet or make money online (How to make money on Webmoney). Choose WMG opposite "Buy" and choose an account where you have money, opposite "I will give":
  10. How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

Confirmation is required to complete the transaction, just follow the instructions. A commission is necessarily charged for such exchanges, but even if gold is slightly more expensive, you will receive a profit.

After the purchase of WMG, it remains only to wait until the cost of the metal rises and you can sell it (on a similar exchange).

Is it profitable to invest in WMG?

As with any other type of investment in precious metals, you need to understand the dynamics of prices. The cost of a gram of gold can both increase and decrease. To show a clear example, let's see the chart for the last 30 days:

How to invest in gold through WebMoney?

As you can see, on December 31, 2015 gold was worth 1059. $ 6 per troy ounce (approximately 31 grams of gold). Already January 27, the cost has risen to 1126. 1 $.

Simply put, if you had bought a troy ounce on the last day of 2015 and sold it on January 27, you would have earned $ 66.5. Even minus the commissions, the profit would remain, but it is not so big.

Now imagine if you put into circulation not $ 1000, but $ 10,000. Reading monthly profit would be $ 665 , and with this money you can already live in peace (50,000 rubles).

Although gold could fall in price, you need to choose the best moments to start an investment. In the long run, this is much more profitable.

People have invested in gold, will invest and will invest, since this precious metal is still one of the most expensive resources on our planet. It is only necessary to find the right moment to enter the market, then to realize the WMG title units at a more attractive price.

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