How to invest in cryptocurrency? | Workion. ru

Many people invest money through the Internet, while some manage to collect huge profits.

There are many ways to take at least an East Union company that offers to buy shares of foreign real estate. However, people prefer to manage their own capital, and one of the current trends for today is cryptocurrency.

Investments in cryptocurrency are also possible in different ways. You can invest directly, given the floating exchange rate.

It is possible to invest without the purchase of monetary units using binary options. In this article we will consider both options and together with you we will understand what is more profitable.

How to invest in cryptocurrency? | Workion. ru

First, consider the direct purchase of cryptocurrency, which can be sold after the growth of its rate.

The most popular currency Bitcoin got into a lot of news, but some people believed that its time passed when there was a decline in the rate. If you look at the current Bitcoin dynamics, then make sure that the currency has a great future:

How to invest in cryptocurrency? | Workion. ru

In the period from 2013-1014 there were serious changes in the exchange rate, but then it decreased again and was almost stable throughout 2015. At the end of the year, the graph began to increase sharply, which is graphically shown in the graph (from the end of November).

We have already told you what the Bitcoin rate depends on, and now the exchange rate is as follows:

How to invest in cryptocurrency? | Workion. ru

Not long ago you could buy Bitcoins for almost $ 250, and now they cost $ 443 and this is without taking into account how much the dollar has risen against the ruble.

Translated into Russian currency, each Bitcoin costs 31,572 rubles. Serious changes, on which the holders of cryptocurrency earned good money.

Binary options for cryptocurrency

To buy a currency, you need to find a large starting capital. If you do not have a lot of money, you can use binary options.

Their point is extremely simple, calculate, the rate will rise or fall, after which you bet even $ 10 according to your forecast. If you manage to win, you will receive from 60% of your rate.

Not many brokers use cryptocurrencies as an asset. If you want to try, read the article about binary options Bitcoin. There is a broker with which you can open Bitcoin options:

How to invest in cryptocurrency? | Workion. ru

You do not need to buy currency, you need to make bets. First see the expiration date - this is the closing date of the option. The arrow indicates the direction of the cryptocurrency rate, in the profit column indicates how much interest you will receive from the rate.

For example, if you use the first option from the presented list, you can put 2000 rubles on the fact that on January 1, 2016, the Bitcoin rate will rise above $ 503 against the ruble. If you win, you will be charged 4400 (more than 2 times the bet).

If you like this way of earning, you can try to trade for free on

(on a demo account). You can’t put them on cryptocurrency, but there are a lot of currency pairs, goods and company stocks.

It is profitable to invest in cryptocurrencies if you understand how the dynamics change. Decide for yourself what is best, buy a currency or conduct transactions with its use. With the right approach, each method can bring a lot of money.

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