How to interview? Interview Articles

The filling of any site with information must be approached responsibly and with creativity.

Resources that are filled with different types of articles have always attracted the particular attention of users. One of the types of original materials is the article-interview, which is compiled by attracting a specialist.

Whatever topics you have a website, you can find a professional to interview him. Why do you need it? First, you get interesting stuff. Secondly, you will have new useful links. Third, it will increase your popularity. Fourthly, for yourself you will gather some experience of a specialist.

How to interview? Interview Articles

Of course, not all authors of promoted sites agree to conduct an interview, therefore, you first need to think about how to make them an offer. As the saying goes, “Attempt is not torture”, so visit various sites and using contact information, send an invitation.

In order for you to do everything correctly, your interview turned out to be not only high-quality, but also interesting, familiarize yourself with the following recommendations:

  • always provide the person chosen for the interview. It is more convenient for some people to answer questions in a printed form, to write down audit material to some, and to chat in some to Skype. Offer them to get in touch by all means so that there are fewer barriers;
  • you can't just start asking chaotic questions, you need to prepare for the interview in advance. In a separate document, make a list of all the topics and questions that you plan to discuss with the involved professional;
  • before the interview, collect as much data as possible about the selected specialist. This will help you not only to limit yourself from "extra" questions, but also to choose the right topics for communication, as well as questions;
  • in the process of communication (if such an interview format is chosen), be careful. Be sure to turn on the record so that you don’t miss anything;
  • if you don’t understand something, it’s best to ask again and also ask for the opinion of a professional. Do not be afraid to interrupt, but do it only on business and politely;
  • before you finish the interview, ask if you have forgotten to ask anything. It is possible that the person invited to the interview will want to express his opinion on additional topics;
  • when compiling textual material describing the interview, be careful. No one wants his words to "rephrase" and represent in the wrong format.

How to interview? Interview Articles

All texts on the site should be of interest to visitors, and if you dilute them and do it as often as possible, then you are sure to attract attention.

Now you know how to interview, try to use this information and tell your readers about it, if you manage to attract a famous person, it will also affect your credibility.

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