How to install voice search from google?

Modern technologies bring a huge number of innovations into our lives and facilitate a lot of processes.

In particular,

is developing a variety of useful tools with which you can save time, and also to make it more convenient to use various services, programs, etc.

Google Voice Search is one of the ergonomic tools that you can use absolutely free. From the name you can already guess about its main purpose, you can specify search queries without using the keyboard, but simply by pronouncing the necessary words.

How to install voice search from google?

How to install voice search?

To use this functionality, you will definitely need a microphone, given that this device is built into almost all laptops, cell phones and tablets, this factor can be ignored.

There is a microphone, now we need to install a special extension for our browser. According to statistics, most people use the Chrome browser, and to download voice search for it, go to this page. On it you will be offered to install a voice search for free:

How to install voice search from google?

Click the "Free" button, then install the extension. It is available in English, Spanish and Russian, and in order for it to work correctly, try to pronounce the words clearly.

After installation, an additional icon will appear in your browser (near the settings):

How to install voice search from google?

Also on the Google search page you will see some changes:

How to install voice search from google?

Voice search will be enabled by default, so you can just say the query and it will be registered in the search bar.

Using this extension is quite simple, so you are unlikely to experience difficulties. Analysts are confident that soon the search for voice queries will become more popular, so you can start to rebuild with manual input, for a more convenient option.

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