How to install tree comments on WordPress?

Sites running CMS WordPress are created much more often than resources on any other platforms.

The main advantage of this engine is its free and multi-functionality. Although many people say that WordPress is not a flexible system, it isn’t, because there are a lot of plug-ins to expand capabilities.

In addition, after each update of the engine, new standard tools appear.

In recent versions, WordPress tree comments have been added to create convenience for expanding entire discussions. But even if you use older versions, you can install them and we will tell about it in this article.

How to install tree comments on WordPress?

To install such comments without plug-ins, you will need no more than a couple of minutes. To do this, go to the admin panel and go to the discussion options:

How to install tree comments on WordPress?

After that, the comment settings will open, where you can set the necessary parameters:

How to install tree comments on WordPress?

It is enough to put a tick and allow tree comments, as well as select the number of levels. The best option is 7 nested records, this is enough for detailed discussions. You can try and great values, but be sure to check how it will look on your site.

Unfortunately, when using the standard function, problems may arise. The fact is that not all templates support nested comments and display them incorrectly.

Tree Comments Plugin

Out of a large number of extensions, it stands out. With it, you can intelligently set up nested comments, many parameters are provided for this:

  • setting nesting of records;
  • sending notifications to Email when a reply is received;
  • notification text easily changed;
  • manual setup of program code;
  • you can respond to comments directly from the admin panel.

How to install tree comments on WordPress?

The installation of this add-on is standard, and you can download it from WordPress. org for free. After launch, you can not reconfigure the parameters at all, all the necessary values ​​will already be set.

Tree-like comments via online services

The best option for getting multi-functional comments is to use. This universal service offers various useful features, including high-quality comments:

How to install tree comments on WordPress?

When using them, you can log in via social networks, subscribe to the tape, share a post, respond to comments and much more. The only negative - for the use of the tool Cackle will have to pay 500 rubles (per year).

Installing tree comments on WordPress is not as difficult, but now you know several ways to do it. Use the option that suits you and remember that the better the usability is set up, the better the behavioral factors will be.

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