How to install online chat on the site? project redhelper

Not sure how to improve your site? One of the interesting options is to install online technical support, through which each visitor can easily contact you for help.

Many bloggers are constantly at the computer, so answering users' questions will not be difficult.

How to install online chat on the site? Various plug-ins and scripts have been developed for this, but it is much more convenient to use a special service. Through the project you can put on all your projects a form for online communication with visitors. There is also a free mode, and the installation of the form will take no more than 3 minutes.

How to install online chat on the site? project redhelper

Online counseling on the site

Among the projects for setting up an online chat, Redhelper stands out because many large companies are already working with him:

  • Eset;
  • Gazprom;
  • Nissan;
  • Couponator;
  • ProBusinessBank .

In general, over 20,000 users have already registered in the system and have established a form of online communication for their sites. Most of them are large companies that use paid services, but considering the cost, only the free option is suitable for small sites.

After registering in the system, you will be able to customize the appearance of the form and specify a message that will be displayed in a special tab:

How to install online chat on the site? project redhelper

Your site will also display a tab in the side of the project:

How to install online chat on the site? project redhelper

Clicking this tab opens a special window where each visitor will be able to quickly and easily enter their question. Everything is extremely simple, convenient and according to statistics, the system works stably at 99. 98%.

What are the features of the free mode?

Of course, the free tariff is not so good, but for a small website there will be enough tools:

  • online and offline question form;
  • correspondence will be saved;
  • you can simultaneously correspond with several people;
  • you will receive notifications when questions are received;
  • about visitors you can find out their number, country and status;
  • 2 communication options are available in Russian and English;
  • settings for formatting texts;
  • from one account it will be possible to set chat for several domains;
  • you can use the functionality without restrictions;
  • if problems arise, you can contact those. Redhelper support.

To a large extent, this functionality is suitable for virtual stores and sites through which sales are made (services are provided). But online chat can be useful for other projects.

For example, if you collect referrals to various systems, then through this form all visitors will be able to ask you additional questions. Thus, you can explain everything to them in detail and help them become your referral.

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