How to increase the viral coverage of the VC?

Community administrators in social networks constantly complain that they have insufficient statistical data.

The developers, in turn, are trying to correct this situation and add more and more different functions. So, Vkontakte recently appeared a new graph in the statistics on the coverage of users.

What is the viral coverage of Vkontakte? He was added so that you can track the audience that sees the posts, not being a member of the community and watching it in other venues.

Simply put, it is an opportunity to assess the virality of a recording. If posts are actively being shared, viral coverage rises .

How to increase the viral coverage of the VC?

In the statistics of any group, users can see how actively reposts are being made. These are useful, it can be judged by how high-quality content is published on the wall.

Interesting posts repost the walls of other groups and profiles, and this helps to increase the audience reach:

How to increase the viral coverage of the VC?

There are two more indicators on the chart . Subscriber coverage shows how many community members saw the entry.

Full coverage combines both metrics. There may also be advertising coverage, if ordered official advertising Vkontakte. Raise the viral coverage Vkontakte possible through repost.

Order advertising and make viral posts, then viral coverage will be higher.

In general, repost is a great advertisement for Vkontakte, and you can order them (they cost 50 kopecks there). If you need more effective advertising, it is better to order the placement of posts in the thematic communities.

In order not to spend huge money, use, there are a lot of lucrative offers:

How to increase the viral coverage of the VC?

Choose groups with suitable topics and order advertising posts or reposts. The advantage of this system is that you can choose a specific time of placement and the administration will ensure that the post was in the first place at the specified time.

Many people confuse the word viral and mistakenly look for “virtual coverage of Vkontakte”.

Viral coverage is the most important indicator for communities; the higher it is, the better is the citation.

There are groups in which this coverage is higher than the coverage of subscribers. If the given schedule of your community creeps upwards, the increase in the number of subscribers is provided to you.

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