How to increase sales through promotional codes?

On what only modern sellers on the Internet do not go, just to attract maximum attention to themselves.

They hold contests, interesting events, enter into cooperation with other companies, and so on. But there is one win-win option associated with discounts.

Increasing sales through promotional codes, this is not new, but a working scheme. You can issue as many such codes as you want to give discounts.

Before you apply this technique, you need to calculate everything and think about it well, otherwise giving away free gifts can cause a decline in income.

How to increase sales through promotional codes?

How to conduct a promotion with promotional codes?

First, think about what the code will look like and what customers will get upon presentation. If this is a discount on purchases, then it is better to choose an integer to make it easier to calculate the benefit.

For example, a 10% discount is considered easy; it is enough to remove the last digit from the amount, so this option is optimal.

The second point is branding. In the code it is desirable to use the name of your company or product.

Also take care that even the one who comes to the online store for the first time could use the promotional code. Add a box to enter the code directly into the product card, so that everyone will know exactly where to insert it.

We have already told how to distribute freebies and get rich, the use of promotional codes applies to this topic.

It is advisable to hold actions during any events. Ideal options are general holidays (March 8, new year, etc.). But you can run a discount system when the company marks a significant date.

How to increase sales through promotional codes?

How to calculate discounts for a promo code?

To make the promotion not losing for you, spend some time to calculate own benefit.

Let's imagine that every day the store processes 10 orders and an average check for them is 3,000 rubles. It turns out profit in the region of 30 000 rubles .

Now imagine that by giving a discount of 30%, it will be possible to increase the number of orders to 50. The profit rises sharply and even after deducting the cost of production, it becomes higher.

The only difficulty in the calculations is not an established percentage of increase in sales . No matter how good your marketing plan is, you can never be sure that you will attract a large number of customers.

Therefore, it is better to first test this method, spending a little money for it.

Let you not get a huge increase in profits the first time, but you will have on hand the statistics by which you can determine the expected results.

In addition, at the expense of shares, you will definitely attract the attention of customers and at least unwind the brand. Treat this as an advertising company.

How to conduct a campaign effectively?

When you are done with the calculations, you can begin to advertise your promotional codes. It will be great if an affiliate program is running. Be sure there are those who want to earn some money, attracting new customers. They will help spread information on the Internet.

In order not to create a separate website, simply add an offer to


We'll have to use as many marketing channels as possible. If there is an online store, then the target audience is precisely defined. A good option for distributing promo codes is social networks.

You can even offer a discount for repost records or simply contact the owners of popular communities. You can order placement of advertisements in suitable groups:

How to increase sales through promotional codes?

Keep in mind that promotional codes are great for attracting new customers, and not for increasing the loyalty of regular customers. Therefore, we have to actively distribute them, using any opportunity.

Choose the right time for the campaign and offer discounts to your customers. They will not only help them save money, but also help you raise sales. It only remains to make an effort to organize everything.

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