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Recently, my income from Google Adsense has grown significantly and I began to pay attention to this system as a serious increase in network wages. Naturally, the question arose: how to increase profits with Google Adsense ? In this article I will discuss the main methods and techniques, including prohibited ones, which are used by foreign and domestic webmasters.

White methods

This is a set of methods that do not contradict the General Terms and Conditions.

Website Attendance

It is perfectly logical that, all other things being equal, the income from clicks on a less visited resource will be much less than on a website with a large attendance. Hence the recommendation: promote the site, but so that the target users come.

Types of ads

There is an opinion that vertical ads (so-called towers) collect far more clicks than horizontal ones. There is a simple explanation for this: the site is viewed from top to bottom, and horizontal ads are easily identified by the user as ads and are skipped.

Website language

Learn English and make websites in this language. Compare prices for clicks for Runet and burzhuneta.


Yes, it is not enough just to make a website in English and calm down on this, you need to choose a profitable topic, which is what the previous link will help you with.

Location of ads

Google itself advises to place its ads like this, the redder the area, the more clickable and more attractive advertising, advertising in white areas is meaningless:

How to increase profits from Adsense - white and black methods - Profit Hunter

Many advise to place ads where the user's most attention is concentrated. In any case, it is up to the webmaster.

Do not be afraid to rearrange ad units, this way you will find the most advantageous location and you can get the maximum profit from Google Adsense .

Black methods

Invalid impressions and clicks
Some novice users of the system are trying to use the statistics of impressions and clicks in Adsense, which is completely meaningless. Any violations are easily tracked and punished by blocking an account. Then prove something to Google is very difficult.

Bad content on page
According to some webmasters, to increase the effectiveness of advertising from Google Adsense , you need to write uninteresting articles on the site and generally fill its nonsense. The meaning is simple: the user will get to such a site, see that he did not come there, but here is just a banner with the desired link. The idea is certainly interesting, it is a pity that it contradicts the rules of advertising, namely: you can not place ads on pages created specifically for this.

Dear keywords
As you have already noticed, advertising in Google is profitable, sometimes very profitable. There is evidence that the monthly salary of foreign webmasters comes to $ 14,000. And what's stopping us? We fill the page with "expensive" keywords, Google gives out not less expensive advertising and everything, money in our pocket! Eh, if that were the case ...

Money is just not in your pocket, it's just a set of numbers in the database, and removing this money from there is as easy as adding it. Google will easily determine that you are trying to deceive him and block the account.

Imitation of the menu and request to click

I don’t know if Google specifically introduced this kind of ad or not, but it still asks for the horizontal menu of many sites. See for yourself:

How to increase profits from Adsense - white and black methods - Profit Hunter

This is a direct violation of the rules for which you will definitely be punished:

How to increase profits from Adsense - white and black methods - Profit Hunter

------ -
Instead of withdrawal: of course, which method you will use to increase profits from the site using Google Adsense is to choose you, but I advise you not to resort to prohibited ones. So at least calmer.

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