How to increase banner CTR? Few clicks on the banner, what to do?

Using advertising on the Internet, you can successfully promote your business.

Opinions about what kind of advertising is most effective, differ, some people think that it is better to use the context, some prefer to distribute articles, and others consider it optimal option - banner advertising.

The option with banners attracts a lot of attention, because such blocks really attract the attention of site visitors. However, many advertisers indicate a low percentage of clicks on ad units.

The problem is not in the format of advertising, but in the actions of advertisers, in this article we will describe how to increase the CTR of the banner .

How to increase banner CTR? Few clicks on the banner, what to do?

  1. Selection of sites. First of all, you need to think about where your banners will be presented. Of course, these should be thematically related sites, since your advertising should be presented to the target audience.
  2. Required offer. You will never achieve a large number of clicks on a banner if you offer something unnecessary to potential clients. The opinion that with the right approach you can sell even a couple of bricks is not true.
  3. Call to action. A proven method that is actively used by experienced advertisers. In order to provoke the audience to take action (order, go through the banner, register), you need to call them to action.
  4. Animations. According to statistics, banners, which displays the animation, attract increased attention. Creating them is a bit more difficult, but if you want to achieve a high CTR, you will have to be brains.
  5. Design. Banners look much better when their design is as close as possible to the design of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to develop several types of promotional materials so that they fit into different sites.
  6. Advertising Network. Low CTR banner may be due to the fact that you use the services of low-quality advertising service. Firstly, you may be presented with incorrect statistics, and secondly, advertising platforms may not be of sufficient quality.
  7. Attractiveness. Advertising professionals are always creative in developing advertising, and you will also have to do it. Clingy headlines, attractive pictures, intriguing questions and other options will benefit.

How to increase banner CTR? Few clicks on the banner, what to do?

It is not so easy to make specific recommendations for banner advertising. It is necessary to approach each advertising company individually.

Try launching different types of banners and test them, collecting as many statistics as possible. After that, it will be easier for you to decide on the most effective options.

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