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Feeds, feeds, rss feeds ... How do feeds of your blogs, sites, forums? Readers added by a hundred or a thousand? If yes, congratulations! If not, we will work on ourselves first.

Long time ago we didn’t talk about feeds. Everything about SEO, traffic, link building, etc. The topic of feeds is sort of trampled, discussed and rewritten. Heh! Yeah, right now! If everything is so clear and understandable, why then do hundreds of bloggers not have hundreds of readers on their blogs? “It’s not interesting to write and write not interesting” - you will say. Yes, this is a fact, the content and subject matter are the cornerstone of any site. lyrics (even the keyboard itches to write something), immediately get down to the topic of this post.

Communication with many successful bloggers on the success of their sites shows their common features: they all work hard on 1) content, 2 ) link building (friends, thematic sites), 3) communities. They also Work on increasing traffic flows for your sites by connecting various services and services, such as Twitter. In any case, there are several important things that provide good SEO growth for feeds.

1. Control your channels

It’s hard to write something better than Denis Sullivan, who owns his own domain feed:

In order to do this “difficult” work, you will need to create a CNAME record of a new subdomain. This can be done either by technical support or by yourself through the control panel. For example, I created a subdomain and called it feeds. I always create a subdomain feeds for any site with which I deal. For example, for the site searchengineland. com was created as a subdomain for the feeds feed. searchengineland. com.

What does this give? This gives you complete control over the site feed. After all, the feed pays no extra service, and your site. At the same time you have in the feed URL the full name of the site, as it looks with the site http: // feeds. searchengineland. com / searchengineland. Plus you as the owner of the domain have the opportunity to change the CNAME record. This is an interesting topic. For reference, “what is it?” Through the query “cname record” in Google, got on such a site http: // www. site-helper. com / dns. html .

This step should be done at the beginning of the site’s life.

2. Submit feeds to cross-web

Familiar with RSS directories? That's the same thing. There are many feed directories. My advice here is one. Publish your feeds in not all directories. Look for thematic directories, news aggregators, sites whose audience is close to the subject of your site.

3. Use absolute URLs in your feeds

Why is this necessary? You know that quite often others use RSS feeds to publish news from other sources. For this business, there are special programs called Scrapers. Reference: scraper is a program that copies posts from other sources and publishes them on its own website without the permission of the author, automatically or manually. Scraper usually uses RSS feeds for this.

If you use absolute URLs in your feed (http: // site. En / categoriya / seo / super-feed-cross-web. Html), and not relative (/ super-feed-cross-web . html), then you have a chance to get PageRank and a back link. Publication is good, even pirated. Take advantage of this.

4. Entries from the feed as CTR and links earn you a conversion of

Have you thought that the records in the feed can be an additional source of statistics on the popularity of articles? Through feeds, you can track which posts received the maximum / minimum number of clicks. To gather information, you can use services like Linkscape, Yahoo !, Technorati, or even Backtweets to track links via Twitter. If the indicators are small, write new interesting articles, follow the ratings of posts, highlight the "favorite" readers' topics, adjust the thematic focus of the site.

5. Full-text feed is better for SEO

Discussions The feed is better: full text or preview? ”is conducted because of clicks on the site. With a full-text feed, the reader can read the article without going to the site itself, which excludes one unit of attendance and clicks on the pages of the site. On the other hand, the preview feed of many does not satisfy or even annoys. Such users do not like to click once more to get to the site to read the full text. Once there are such preferences as being us? Consider the advantages of a full-text feed, since SEO has a higher priority here. Why?

  1. There are more readers who prefer full texts in feeds. I personally prefer the full news texts. Why? Reading several news feeds saves time. No need to click once more to go to the source and read the article. If it is interesting from the first sentences, then I will go to the site already.
  2. When you republish a channel by scraping, you have a chance to get PageRank and a link back through the links in the full text.
  3. Sometimes RSS feed aggregators require full text news. Announcement they will not accept. And in general, for aggregators it is better to give the full news (see point number 2).
  4. If you have partners who import news from your site (with your consent), the full text is very important for them, because it allows you to keep the user on their site. And it will not be theft of your traffic. After all, you already get your 1) ratings, 2) visitors, because partners always indicate the source.

I suppose you have found something new for yourself.

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